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The Hypocrisy of Jew Hatred

A friend just sent me an article from the Wall Street Journal, The Shock of Facing American Antisemitism, which described a brutal reality, caused me to take a deep breath and sit back in my chair reflecting on how our lives have suddenly changed. I felt my friend was right in the accuracy of his comments, “It draws out the feelings that at least I am feeling, and it makes one wonder what to do and if we are going to weather this – on the one hand, the decency of most Americans is something to rely upon – on the other hand.”

I ruminated about how the Jewish community will be able to survive the level of hate now perpetuated in the United States? As Jews, we all have this knot in the pit of our stomachs, hoping and praying this nightmare IS just a nightmare, and tomorrow the virulent Jew-haters will dissipate. That is one of the beauties of being Jewish and how we have survived centuries of persecution. We always have this optimistic view that things will get better. We never see ourselves as victims, never carry hate, for we are heroes with inimitable courage to survive.

We grew up with and tolerated a type of antisemitism that was seemingly bearable, naively thinking it will always exist for history doesn’t lie, but hoping it never got any worse than hateful remarks or exclusions from companies, universities and country clubs which slowly changed. However, being that we were in the United States, land of the free, we set up our own companies, hospitals, universities and country clubs and were, probably, the first to practice in its purist form, Diversity and Inclusion. For we take a totally different view of humanity. Humanity means all, not a selected few.

We take great pride in our Jewishness from our ethics, compassion and regard for the sanctity of life (in the past year Israel responded to over 100 emergencies in other countries and are always the first responders); to our humanitarian desire to improve quality of life, especially with the medical discoveries; scientific, technological and agricultural inventions created in Israel and shared worldwide.

Ironically, in this video, How to Boycott Israel, the October 7th massacre of 1,200 Israelis might not have taken place and recorded by the terrorists if it were not for Israeli iphone, computer and communications technology:

How many Palestinians/Arabs have been treated and lives saved, especially children, in Israeli hospitals at no charge over the past 75 years since Israel’s inception?  Stated in this NIH-National Library of Medicine article:

“In 2005 alone, approximately 123,000 Palestinians were treated at just one institution, Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem, which included 15,000 admissions, as well as, 32,000 visits to the emergency department.”

“In 2016, 93,890 such authorizations were issued for patients (plus 100,722 for accompanying family) to be treated at hospitals throughout Israel. At the two West Jerusalem Hadassah hospitals alone, 15,743 patients, comprising more than one third of the total, came through checkpoints and were cared for there. Another 16% (6,577 patients) crossed into Israel and were treated in hospitals in East Jerusalem.”

“During the same year, 9,832 Palestinian children with birth defects and chronic diseases were treated in Israeli hospitals. During the first half of 2017, 46,132 such permits have been issued and a further 2,163 authorized Palestinian medical personnel to work or be trained in Israel or East Jerusalem (written personal communication, October 4, 2017, Ido D. Dechtman and Yuval Ran, Medical Corps, Tel Aviv, Israel Defense Forces). Another noteworthy example of Israeli compassion for the suffering of her Arab neighbors is the treatment of more than 4,000 victims of the Syrian Civil War in civilian hospitals at Israeli government expense.”

For a grand total of: 449,059 Palestinian/Arabs treated and trained in Israeli hospitals at no charge for 15 years, from 2005 to the end of the Syrian war in 2020. And if I extrapolate that out over 75 years, approximately 2,500,000 Palestinian/Arab lives were saved by Israeli medical teams.

And yet, there is no respect for Israeli lives as described within this same NIH article: “At one point during the study period, in 2005, this 21-year-old woman from Gaza was provided with a multi-entry permit to receive care in Israel for multiple burns caused by a home gas explosion. She was stopped at a Gaza border checkpoint with 10 kilograms of explosives hidden in her underwear. Although al-Biss had been cared for on many occasions by staff at Soroka Hospital (where one of us [A. M. C.] works), under interrogation she offered “[T]oday, I wanted to blow myself up in the hospital. Maybe even in the one I was treated. . . . I wanted to kill 20, 50 Jews.”

It seems that no degree of kindness and compassion exists within the Palestinian/Arab mindset that can erase the toxic hatred towards Israel and the Jews who charitably save their lives while asking for nothing in return.

When Palestinian/Arab children are brainwashed and taught to use weapons in Hamas summer camps to hate and kill Jews, one has to realize that this, as described by the media, is a culture of death, not life. This video, The UNRWA Child Soldier, depicts the deadly summer training camps for these children:

A child so brainwashed, who wants to blow himself up in order to kill another human being, lets you know life has no value in this system. And brainwashed parents who celebrate their son killing ten Jews during the diabolical massacre on October 7th, shows the homicidal heredity that exists within this culture. How many beautiful lives have been sacrificed for this twisted vengeance against the Jews?  Yes, I say beautiful, for at birth, a baby is a beautiful, innocent gift from God.

And the false accusations of ethnic cleansing and genocide of the Palestinians by Israel is statistically impossible, for the Palestinian population growth rate increased from 944,807 in 1950 to 5,371,230 in 2023. In other words, the Palestinian population in Gaza has grown by 4,426,423 in the last 73 years. Genocide! Are you kidding me?

Who really perpetrated crimes of ethnic cleaning and genocide? This video, The Ethnic Cleaning of Jews Within Muslim Countries, will provide you with historical facts that Muslim countries, indeed, destroyed entire Jewish communities forcing those few who survived to escape to Israel.

So to those who protest against Israel and the Jews, throw away your iPhones and computers for they incorporate Israeli technology. And if you need medical care, do not go to our hospitals for Israeli medical technology and treatments are there too.  And realize you have become useful idiots, who without your iPhones and computers are unable to get the depraved publicity you seek to spew your hypocritical ideologies and Jew-hatred. Full stop!

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Adrienne Skolnik worked professionally as a commercial real estate broker. She served on the National Advisory Committee of the Conference of Jewish Affairs with her friend and mentor, the late Rabbi Aryeh Spero, and was creator of The New Jewish Exodus Project zoom presentation: Jews Fleeing Woke Synagogues! – Americans for Peace and Tolerance
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