The Immensely Greater harm of Negative Thinking

What you allow yourself to think is mightily powerful from all angles. It is from the soul to the soul and a part of the soul.

To better appreciate the exclusive power of thought over the other garments of the soul, speech, and action, let us turn once again to the metaphor of clothing.

Speech and action are like clothing that always remains separate from our authentic selves. Thought is to the soul like the skin is to the frame of our bodies, perpetually united and at one with the soul. That is why you can never stop thinking, just like you can never take off your skin. It is always on, always demanding your attention.

The soul garments of speech and action are put on the outside for people looking from the outside. They are meant to make an impression on outsiders.

Thought is an internal expression of the soul, made inwardly and for oneself. The thoughts a person decides to think constitute an internal communication to and from the person who chose to think those thoughts. Thoughts are always an internal double whammy, influenced by the person, impacting this same person.

This fact that thoughts are one — united with soul, our life force — presents an additional and necessary measure of respect for our thoughts. Bad (destructive) thoughts will leave a deep imperfection and blemish, even if only thought “once.” Positive, optimistic thoughts will cause positive manipulations of the soul, and because of their closeness to the soul, thoughts will affect the soul far more profoundly than will speech and action.

The garment of thought not only has more impact on the soul; it is also more sophisticated and refined than the other garments. Any stain or spot on a sensitive, delicate garment will stand out more boldly. A hole or defect on clothing does not compare to a cut or blemish on one’s skin.

The percentage of value lost, as the result of a blemish on an expensive car or diamond is much steeper than a loss resulting from an equivalent blemish on a cheaper or less significant item.

This is what our books mean when it says, “Thoughts of sin is worse than sin itself.” One might ask, “Why is thinking all that bad if I didn’t do anything wrong?”

The answer is because thought is so intimately attached to the soul, a bad thought will cause more significant harm to the soul and the person than even in many ways a bad action.

The prophets would admonish the people that all their sacrifices were worthless because their thoughts and intentions were compromised. The Bible tells us of a king who had bad intentions but did good deeds. He was rewarded for his good actions and also punished for his evil thoughts.

Indeed, thoughts are very, very powerful.

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Rabbi Shlomo Ezagui is an author and lecturer. "A Spiritual Soul Book" & "Maimonides Advice for the 21st Century" Rabbi Ezagui opened in 1987 the first Chabad Center in Palm Beach County, Florida, and the first Orthodox Synagogue on the Island of Palm Beach, Florida.
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