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The infamy of anti-Israeli protest movements in the Western world

The actual vociferous and media-effective spectacle of anti-Israeli protests in Western countries, in which Israel is confronted with unfounded accusations, is unfortunately unsurprising. In the so called “global South”, which is mainly composed of authoritarian dictatorships and failed states, it is a common diversionary tactic from internal shortcomings. But even more worrying is the contamination of Western culture by sympathizers of islamo-fascist terrorist groups such as Hamas and Hezbollah. Their aim is not genuine compassion for the suffering of the Gazan population, but the undermining of Western values and the obstruction of Israel’s self-defense against its enemies who make no secret of their barbaric intentions. These protests, often seen on university campuses, harbor strong anti-Semitic tendencies and aim to force Israel to cease military action in Gaza. They consist of a disparate coalition, including anti-democratic elements, united only in their anti-Israeli fervor.

Another consideration that explains the frequency and intensity of the anti-Israeli protests is the purely quantitative aspect. The sheer mass of Muslim inhabitants of the Western world exceeds that of the Jewish and active pro-Israel inhabitants many times over. This asymmetry naturally manifests itself in demonstrative activities against Israel and Jewish institutions as well as Jews. It is therefore no wonder that in all major Western cities and campuses, there are sufficient forces capable of recruiting enough sympathizers for sensational actions who only partially understand the causes and complexity of events and who predominantly are empathetic to the suffering of the civilian population. However, their empathy is often one sided and shows a sensible lack of interest and understanding for Jewish victims.

An attempt to analyze these groups leads to an admittedly subjective list in descending order of their involvement in the core conflict between Israel and Hamas:

1. Arab-Palestinian students and university cadres who initiate, promote and coordinate protest actions. They receive their instructions directly from mid-eastern liaisons whose most urgent concern is to protect the remaining Hamas structures in Gaza from the Israeli army. They are the ones who recruit all subsequent protest participants and initiate and organize the nationwide actions.

2. Students and university cadres from the global South who, despite their opportunities in Western societies, pose as champions of real or assumed oppressed communities and who consider the perpetrators of October 7 as heroic liberators against colonialism, whether real or fake.

3. Representatives of left-wing authoritarian countries, mainly from Central and South America, who historically belonged to the clientele of the former Soviet Union and are now moving in the wake of contemporary Russian and Chinese neo-imperialism.

4. Western groups from the left, “woke” and partly green political spectrum, which ideologically solidarize with groups dubbed as liberation movements and who defame Zionism as part of a Western conspiracy against the oppressed people of this world.

5. Western groups from the extreme right with links to ultra-nationalism and fascism, whose anti-Semitic primal instincts are expressed in a virulent anti-Israeli stance.

6. So-called “moderate” media from Islamic countries that claim to be enlightened but select, filter, and reinterpret the news due to political pressure in such a way that they adopt an imbalanced critical stance towards Israel and the USA without completely contradicting the actual events. The classic example in this context is Al Jazeera and its two-tongued news channels: a rather moderate one in English for the world, and a blatantly anti-Israel one in Arabic for their domestic clients.

7. “Understanding” democrats and quasi-democrats from the broad political spectrum who uncritically accept information from carelessly researched or manipulated media and allow themselves to be influenced by professionally staged Palestinian disinformation campaigns. This group of people can also be attributed as well-meaning but nevertheless “useful idiots”.

8. Non-governmental aid organizations run by the United Nations such as UNWRA that are dependent on the cooperation with Gaza residents, who in turn exploit their position and influence in the interests of Hamas. These organizations are sometimes deliberately infiltrated by Hamas activists and misused for the creation of terrorist infrastructure as well as for educational purposes and indoctrination.

9. The final category to be mentioned are pro-Palestinian Jewish sympathizers who deliberately ignore the protest movement’s declared anti-Semitic manifestations. Some of them suffer from the so called “Jewish self-hate syndrome”, others fail to recognize the fact that they are used by the organizers as particularly helpful “useful idiots”.

What all these groups have in common is that they usually don’t care about other global humanitarian catastrophes if these cannot be instrumentalized against Israel. This unholy alliance of terror practitioners and supporters with their companions are at the core of anti-Israel and anti-Western fervor on campuses, streets and squares in the Western hemisphere. Apart from partly justified humanitarian concerns, their immediate main purpose is nothing other than to save the skin of the remaining Hamas structures from imminent defeat. In the long term, their aim is to delegitimize and dissolve Israel, and ultimately to combat Western democratic and liberal societies. This movement is also characterized by the paradoxical fusion of opposing and completely incompatible ideologies and world views. Extreme leftists meet extreme rightists, socially minded people meet Islam-fascists, progressive-minded people meet ultra-conservatives, and homophobes meet LGBTQs in a round dance of harmonious agreement in their anti-Israeli, anti-Semitic and anti-Western manifestations.

One possible reaction to these organized protests is the strict application of the respective rules at the universities and in public spaces, which include unhindered participation in academic activities. It is precisely this circumstance that is blatantly denied to Jewish students, not unlike in the fascist countries of Europe in the late 1930s. Another approach is to follow the trail of money. The protest actions on the campuses are obviously well coordinated, as can be seen from the fact that tents of the same brand, size and color were suddenly erected everywhere. The same applies to the mass production of prefabricated protest accessories, which are available in large quantity and technical quality all at once. This suggests that significant funding has been invested in these activities, which only can come from foreign sources such as the usual terror-financing countries and regimes. These would need to be drained, as would the official sponsorship activities of Iran, Qatar, and their ilk, which have corrupted the scientific and political independence of Western academic institutions.

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