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The Initiation and the Real Coming of Messiah – I

The Great Prophet Isaiah envisaged the Coming of the Messiah! Source of the picture:

Monotheism and the Coming of Messiah are some of the main aspects in the Teaching of Judaism. In the previous Post, I shared some ideas about the Initiation into the Coming of Messiah. Here it is important to emphasise the difference between the Initiation into the Coming of the Messiah and His Real Coming on Earth. While the Initiation introduces the Programme of G-d for the new cosmic cycle through Messiah, the Real Coming is the glorious fulfilment of this Apocalyptic Divine Event on Earth by Messiah as the Saviour King!

Now, in two Posts, I would like to compare the introduced Initiation and the Real Coming  through various requirements concerning the Coming of Messiah on Earth in the Books of the Prophets, especially in the Book of Isaiah. With many thanks and great appreciation, I will use the material published in Wikipedia – Messiah in Judaism. After each of quotations I will make comments and refer occasionally to my published Posts.

  • Isaiah 1:26: And I will restore your judges as at first and your counsellors as in the beginning; afterwards you shall be called City of Righteousness, Faithful City. Some Jews[9] interpret this to mean that the Sanhedrin will be re-established.

In the previous Post, I quoted from the book The Way of Kabbalah by Z’ev ben Shimon Halevi, page 224-225, about The Fourth Heavenly Hall… the place of the Heavenly Jerusalem. Tradition says, (here) are the ten great Zadekim who constitute the esoteric or Heavenly Assembly of Israel. They dwell just below the one fully evolved Man (i.e., the Messiah, or the Axis of the Age – LM) … who acts as the incarnated link with the Divine.

In order to re-establish the Sanhedrin  on Earth, a special Spiritual Council, with Initiates from the world religions, has to be formed. They will be in contact with the Messiah and the Heavenly Assembly of Israel. The Initiates are those who have experienced the ultimate Divine Truth and are in direct contact with the Divine Masters of their own tradition. They recognise the Divine origin of the other traditions and could guide humankind in the process of building the Heavenly Jerusalem civilisation on Earth. When they enter in deep prayer-meditation, they activate the whole Kabbalistic Tree and merge with the Divine Masters. Thus, they illuminate their spiritual bodies and start shining as light beings. Of course, when they gather together and have a shared prayer-meditation, their collective light increases tremendously and they form something like a star above the earthly life.

So, if the work of the Holy Council in Heaven is a radiation from the cosmic-spiritual Sun at the centre of the Universe, then the work of the Spiritual Council of humankind (in contact with the Messiah and the Heavenly Assembly of Israel) is a radiation from a shining spiritual star above the Earth. This star receives the new creative impulse from the cosmic-spiritual Sun, transforms it into the rays of Divine love, wisdom and truth for the new celestial culture coming on Earth and radiates it all over the world. Thus, it enables humankind to overcome the negative aspects of the present Babylonian type of civilisation and start building the new Heavenly Jerusalem civilisation. So, the Apocalyptic Action of Messiah on Earth, as the Saviour King, will be greatly supported by the Planetary Spiritual Council.

  • Once he is King, leaders of other nations will look to him for guidance (Isaiah 2:4).

When Messiah descends from Tiferet in the World of Creation, to Tiferet in the World of Formation, He becomes a Saviour King (please, see the Previous Post). From this higher level, He will have Divine authority over the nations and their leaders, because He will lead them on the New Exodus and will bless them with the Ten Divine Blessings. Here we could remember how the leaders of the tribes of the Israeli people looked at Moses for guidance and received the Ten Divine Commandments!

In the new, Heavenly Jerusalem, cosmic cycle, the Initiations of the Second Comings (or the Comings) of the Founders of religions will emanate from the CREATOR and will worship the One God. The participants in the various world religions will follow the reformed spiritual traditions brought by the Monotheistic Second Coming (or Coming) of the Divine Masters. For a few more details, please see the Post, The Dawn of the New Heavenly-Jerusalem cosmic cycle (III), from  March 23, 2023.

Eventually, this descendance perhaps has to be confirmed by DNA, but on the other hand, probably it is enough for the Messiah(s) to show qualities, talents and virtues as Solomon and King David. Nevertheless, the roots of the Messiah have to go deep into the generations of Jewish Initiates as a chain of reincarnations of a great Divine Soul. Here I would refer to Rav Michael Laitman who considers the connection between Abraham, Rabbi Simeon ben Yochai, Rabbi Yitzchak Luria, Rabbi Yehuda Ashlag on a Soul Level.

  • The “spirit of the Lord” will be upon him, and he will have a “fear of God” (Isaiah 11:2)

The Messiah is in connection with Metatron who follows the Will of the CREATOR. He is Anointed, He loves G-d with all His heart and strength and perhaps His only fear is whether the people of the world will fulfil the Will of G-d. 

The principle of Love will replace evil and tyranny. In his remarkable book A Kabbalistic Universe, published by Kabbala Society, on page 245, Z’ev ben Shimon Halevi depicts a wonderful picture of the reign of the Messiah: The apocalyptic period of the open manifestation of the Messiah to all humanity is said to be temporary, despite the fact that it is a time of great peace…For a while, perfect justice reigns and even death is banished as all mankind, having been lifted out of Asiyyah and being in direct contact with Beriah, becomes aware of the spiritual Teaching, concerning the purpose of Creation. This Grace is given so that no one, not even the wicked, may ignore the possibility of redemption, even in the last Seven Great Days of the Cosmic Shemittah.

In the next Post, The Initiation and the Real Coming of Messiah-II , I will continue with the requirements concerning the Coming of Messiah from the Books of Isaiah, Ezekiel, Zechariah, Jeremiah  and others.

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