Fiamma Nirenstein

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict can be solved winning the world war against terror

Two days ago, the Jewish world celebrated Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, when we meditate on human nature, on our sins and forgiveness.

And it is no accident but simply part of a war against the Jewish faith that on the eve of that solemn day Israel buried two innocent people murdered because of terrorism, another two added to what is about 4,000 massacred since the 1920s, even before the establishment of the State of Israel, and forever under the Islamic crescents a basic background: from Sheikh Yassin, for which the Jewish presence was unacceptable for the “ummah” – the Muslim community, to Hamas, the group in which the terrorist who struck on Monday Masbach abu Sabeih, 39, belonged.

Firing wildly into the crowd he first killed a 60-year-old-woman, an employee of the Knesset named Levanah Malichi, a grandmother of six; and then, opening further fire and injuring at least six others, hit and killed a 29-year-old police officer, whose poor young wife cried out on the radio after the death of her hero by saying, “I don’t know how the world will continue to spin without you.” This is terrorism: it attacks innocent people and democratic civilization, along with its rules and everything it holds dear by hitting at random and counting on the eventual destruction of the political structure and religion of the enemy.

Often, from the Pope to Federica Mogherini, Israel is omitted from the list of countries affected by terrorism despite the thousands of innocent people slain on buses, in cafes, on the street… The excuse is that Israel’s terrorism as that of Spain, Canada or Ireland belongs within the category of territorial terrorism, a war for independence. But this is a dangerous lie for the whole world, which has been affected by sectarian motivated Palestinian terrorism for decades. Terrorism is present in all Shiite and Sunni violent organization, no matter where and what; it has grafted itself as an ally and international symbol for terrorism itself. Even more so since the Palestinians have been split between Fatah and Hamas, two different inspiration, one only violent incitement.

Let’s look at this latest attack: the terrorist, from Silwan, an Arab neighborhood nearby the Old City, was almost certainly a member of Hamas. His main goalwas, was, as he wrote and repeated, “the defense of the Al Aqsa Mosque” against the Jews, a pure religious war, certainly not “two states for two peoples” and a peace agreement “along the 1967 borders.”

Al Aqsa is the most important theme of incitement for all Islamic extremists, including ISIS and Iran: it implies that Israel (after conquered the area in 1967( gave its administration and possession to the Waqf managed by the Palestinians and the Jordanians mufti) wants to break the status quo and make it his. A “blood libel” practiced by both Abu Mazen and Hamas.

Yesterday, after the attack by the terrorist and his elimination, the following words were found on Fatah’s official Facebook page: “The one who carried out the operation is a pilgrim to Mecca, a martyr, one of the most prominent people in Jerusalem and the blessed Al Aqsa Mosque.” Fatah then announced a general strike in Jerusalem “in memory of the souls of the martyrs of Palestine and this morning’s martyr.” Hamas has called the attack “heroic;” Khaled Mashaal congratulated the family: “Palestinians are proud of your son, an example for everyone.”

It is a custom identical to that used by every terrorist group: the “shahid” are shown as examples, represented in a thousand photos and acclaimed. The West must understand that to spell the truth about who the Palestinian terrorists are, and connect their activity to the Islamic ideology is not only out of moral duty, brutal so because of security.

The big attacks that dot the globe, from Paris (how many times now!), to England, Italy, Germany, Belgium, England, the USA, and Latin America are marked by Palestinian inspiration and participation Isis describes now the Palestinian cause as one of its, and certainly doesn’t speak about having a Palestinian state and a Jewish one.

So please, take good note: sometimes it is said that in order to stop terrorism the Israeli-Palestinian question should be resolved. But the opposite is true: the Palestinian issue would cease to exist in its present form if Islamic terrorism was crushed.

Translation by Amy K. Rosenthal

This article originally appeared in slightly different form in Italian in Il Giornale (October 11, 2016)

About the Author
Fiamma Nirenstein is a journalist, author, former Deputy President of the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the Italian Chamber of Deputies, and member of the Italian delegation at the Council of Europe.