The Israelite Group that struggles to live in times of the Bible

Recently, a successful Cameroun based Igbo businessman from the richest ton in Africa; Nnewi, was murdered by his wife and his apprentice. The wife and the apprentice were lovers. Unfortunately for the evil pair they were caught by Camerounian law enforcement officials when they were trying to discard the body. Both are in jail in Cameroun; awaiting justice.

Cameroun may give the pair what they deserve, but the Igbos are not waiting for just that. The youths of Nnewi mobilized themselves, and have done some of the things that their Israelite ancestors did when someone really went overboard in doing evil. The malefactress has been mourned alive. To all Igbos, as the rite of akwamozu (mourning the dead), has been performed for her, she is as someone that has died.

Josephus, Jewish historian who went over to the Roman besiegers of Israel was dealt this justice.

Set up an obstacle before, or challenge for the Igbo, the Israelites who live on the banks of the Niger River, and they will try to surmount it as the ancient iron men and women of Israel did.

Remy Ilona is a lawyer, scholar, author of 10 books, including the influential “The Igbos And Israel-An Inter-cultural Study of the Largest Jewish Diaspora”, and ‘Dissecting the Osu Institution…”

About the Author
Remy Ilona, is a PhD candidate at the University of California, Riverside, where he also functions as a teaching assistant. He is also the secretary-general of Hebrew-Igbo people, an Igbo socio-cultural organization. He is also an author of 10 books. He is of Ibo or Igbo extraction, and a lawyer by training, as well as a historian of the Ibo. He is among the leaders shepherding the Ibos re-emerging Judaism.
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