Stephen I. Siller

The Jew-Catchers are Back

Nazi Europe’s Jew-Catchers turned over Jews and non-Jews to the Nazis and their henchmen outside Germany. Hamas invaded Israel and killed, raped, decapitated, and kidnapped Jews and those non-Jews who dared to live in Israel and were in the wrong place at the wrong time. In Manhattan, the Jew-Catchers revealed themselves by demanding that subway car passengers identify themselves if they are “Zionists,” which is code for “Jew.”

On June 10, 2024, one Nazi Jew Catcher said to passengers in a Manhattan subway car, and the mostly mask-clad other Nazis repeated, “raise your hand if you are a Zionist, this is your chance to get out.” Not said was what they would do to those who raised their hands. There were Jews in that subway car and no one raised their hands. The head Nazi said, and his Nazi parrots repeated, “no Zionists, we’re good.” A video with audio of that event is here.

This Nazi mob looks like the same crowd that attacked a reporter for Bari Weiss’s The Free Press in Union Square where they entered the subway car. The New York Post reported, with videos, that: “One antisemitic demonstrator at the event yelled that he wished ‘Hitler was still here’ to ‘wipe out’ the Jews.” That mob also shut down the Nova Festival Exhibit on Wall Street. “Some protesters even tried to storm the doors of the exhibit as relatives of those killed at the Nova Festival were touring the displays.” New York’s Democrat Governor and Mayor and the Biden Administration condemned the protesters’ “horrifying behavior”: “The events at yesterday’s memorial to those murdered at the Nova music festival are outrageous and heartbreaking.” And: “Profane banners of terrorist organizations should not be flown anywhere, especially not on American streets. Antisemitism has no place in the United States.”

These nice-sounding words achieved nothing other than photo-ops and sound bites. While some protesters were given desk tickets, no one was arrested. No one was charged with a hate crime by any New York State, City or any Federal authorities. NYC is “probing” whether hate crimes occurred. No one was charged with assaulting the reporter or anyone else. No horse-mounted NYC crowd-control Police were deployed. Citing a Tablet article, Karol Markowicz wrote: “It’s worth noting that when the regular attacks on Jews were happening during de Blasio’s terms, with hundreds of attacks caught on video, only one perpetrator ever served a day in prison.” Any pro-Israel counter-protesters would likely have been physically attacked by this mob and if they had fought back would likely have been arrested.

On Tuesday, June 11, 2024, following those Monday, June 10, 2024 “protests,” came a mini-Pogrom in Brooklyn according to the New York Post: “The Brooklyn Museum’s director and a number of its Jewish board members were targeted overnight by antisemitic vandals who tossed red paint and scrawled ‘blood on your hands’ across their homes, shocking images show.” These pro-Hamas “protesters” also vandalized the Palestinian Mission to the UN and “littered the street with leaflets smeared with red paint and encouraging the intifada.” Those are polite words for “kill more Jews.”

These reports are instructive about what Democrats have allowed or have done, if only Jews paid attention:

  • New York Jewish Week: “Prosecutors move to dismiss hate crimes charges against woman who hit Israeli Columbia student with a stick.”
  • New York Post: “A heavily armed Queens man who has shared extreme Jihadist views online was busted in his car early Wednesday – with sources saying they feared the nut was planning something “very bad.” Judd Sanson, 30, was taken into custody shortly after 4:30 a.m., with cops finding a loaded gun, nine loaded magazines, body armor, handcuffs, two axes, a stun gun, multiple knives, a weighted whip and an expandable baton – along with NYPD ‘items.’”
  • NBC: “Eight men from Tajikistan with potential ties to ISIS out of central Asia were arrested over the weekend in New York, Philadelphia and Los Angeles, three people familiar with the matter told NBC News on Tuesday. The suspects had been on the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force radar and were arrested by personnel with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, better known as ICE, the sources say. All eight men crossed through the southern border into the U.S., and their criminal backgrounds checks came back clean when they crossed, say two officials familiar with the matter.” Were those illegals in the US to target Americans or Jews or both?

While actions targeting Jews are analogous to what the Nazis did ninety years ago, it is irrelevant whether today is the modern equivalent of Nazi Germany’s government takeover on January 30, 1933, or Kristallnacht on November 9, 1938. Genocide begins slowly and concludes quickly. What is relevant is that the pro-Hamas Nazi mobs assaulted people and defaced property with no consequence. In contrast, governments’ responses would be swift, certain and severe if these mobs came after any ethnic group other than Jews. “I know you wouldn’t tolerate any of the things they did to us if they would’ve done it to you.”

Exacerbating this unfortunate conclusion is that these mobs include Jews and are financed in part by Jews. These mobs are not very different from the mobs who rioted to “protest” the death of George Floyd. Those mobs burned cities, looted stores, killed people, and in case anyone forgot, included the same pro-Palestine signs the mob carries today. “Solidarity Between BLM and Palestine Has Deep Roots.”

Many Jews supported those BLM 2020 “protests” just as they support today’s pro-Hamas mobs. Some behind the pro-Hamas groups are described in “The Shady, Stagnant Wealth That Supports Hamas” which says: “Many of the antisemitic terrorist group’s donors are familiar names in American philanthropy.” The Times of Israel reported in February 2024: “Donations to major pro-Palestinian groups go through this Jewish-chaired NY nonprofit.”  “Pro-Palestinian protesters are backed by a surprising source: Biden’s biggest donors . . . Soros, Rockefeller and Pritzker” according to Politico and Rolling Stone. “The Open Society Foundations specifically disclosed giving $225,000 in 2022 to Jewish Voice for Peace and $150,000 to JVP Action in 2021. The Open Society Foundations separately gave $200,000 to the IfNotNow Education Fund in 2021.”

Those organizations are Jewish pro-Hamas organizations.  There is no doubt that some Jews today, just like some European Jews in the 1930’s and 1940’s, whether Jew-Catchers, Judenrat, or others, are helping today’s Hamas Nazis. While many Jews supported and died for Civil Rights, there is no doubt that not all, but too many, Black organizations today have turned on Jews and support Hamas. “BLM Chicago backs Palestine after Hamas terrorist invasion of Israel.” The NAACP has joined the fray, on the wrong side.  “‘Indefinitely end shipment of weapons, artillery to Israel,’ NAACP tells Biden.” This Wall Street Journal op-ed accurately reported on “Black Lives Matter and the World’s Oldest Hatred.”

Blinken and other Biden Administration Jews continue to support aid to “Palestine” whose Palestinian Authority pays the families of murderers of Jews. Blinken just announced another $404 million in US aid which makes a total of $1.8 billion in aid the Biden Administration has given to “Palestine” since the Biden crowd arrived in office in January 2021. Some of my lefty Jewish friends still support Biden, some because their Trump hatred exceeds their common sense about the left’s dangers to themselves as Jews.

Too many Jews never learn. The friend of my enemy is my enemy.

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Stephen I. Siller is a Manhattan-based international lawyer, instrument-rated pilot, open-water scuba diver, and accomplished glassblower. His views are personal and not those of any firm or other organization with which he is affiliated.
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