The Jewish State bill and the 13th Amendment

Equality before Law and racial equality are two completely different things.

I would have assumed an MIT educated former Economic Consultant and an American citizen to boot to understand the subtle but important difference, but then I suspect the Israeli Prime Minister to understand a lot of things he willfully chooses to ignore.

I would hope he has seen the movie Lincoln at least…and I bet he has…

In essence the Jewish State bill does just that, it enshrines equality before law mitigated by second-class citizenship. Separate but equal is the essence Apartheid.

Congratulations Mr. Netanyahu you are about to legilsate Apartheid in the name of democracy and self determination, which is exactly what the white Nationalists did in South Africa.

In American history, it didn’t go down very well, in South African either for that matter, slavery was abolished only to be replaced by Jim Crow laws and legal segregation.

How long until segregated buses in the West Bank become segregated buses in Israel where Arab communities already receive smaller budgetary allocations? What does that mean for the use of Arabic in children’s education, would Israeli Arabs anxious to retain their linguistic culture have to open their own schools? Would Arabic be only used legally in Madrassas? You do realize what that could mean?

During Protective Edge the first Israeli civilian casualty was a Bedouin, whose community the government denied a bomb shelter for after effect, are you seriously saying that the Jewish State Bill is gonna have a positive effect for populations who are already displaced to build housing for new Jewish immigrants?

What does that mean for the communities that fight in your wars against other Arabs, who die protecting Jewish citizens, who represent you abroad? Where does their freedom of expression stop? Is there any limit to yours? What can’t they say about the state that you can?

There is no such thing as unequal equality. It never works, and its not reading the bill that tells you what its about, it reading the comments of those who support it.

A bill is nothing but the carefully worded legal translation of a popular sentiment, and that sentiment is anti-arab racism and Jewish nationalism in either order. And the worst is, this is the watered down version, I wonder what Bibi amended before signing it, because whatever he’s removed is the reality behind the Jewish State Law, and what the people who drafted really intended and hoped to get away with, I wonder what a far-right government thinks it can get away with…

I read a blog in this paper saying that the African American struggle in the USA and Palestinian statehood are two completely different things. I couldn’t agree more, but achieving equality for non-jewish Israelis is very similar to the African American experience in the USA, or the “Bantu” experience in South Africa, because these are citizens who are stripped of their real equality, not their legality, but their equal humanity, unless its time to join the army, interesting how the law discriminates in life but not in death.

At any rate, non-Israeli Jews are about to become separate but equal, but not exactly, different but equal? That certainly sounds better…it is not, you fatuous nicompoops.

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Mame Bougouma Diene is a civil servant on permanent vacation even when he works 70 hours a week, who also blogs for the Times of Israel in French. He's French-Senegalese American, loves Israel and the Middle East, would really like to see an end to this intractable mess in his lifetime.