The Jewish world needs a Black Hasidic Rebbe

The word “Rebbe” is a Yiddish word derived from the Hebrew word “rabbi”. Rebbe means master and teacher. In Hasidic Judaism, the Rebbe is the leader of the community.

During my time living in B’nai Brak and Jerusalem, I have met and prayed with dozens of Hasidic Jewish rebbes. In fact, my journey to Judaism began when I met Grand Rebbe Menachem Mendel Schneerson of Chabad Lubavitch when I was merely sixteen years old.

Barack Mandela, and Israeli-American Jew, wearing a Vizhnitz Hasidic Jewish Hat purchased in Meah Sharim, Jerusalem.

I have personally met Grand Rebbe Aharon Teitelbaum of Satmar and Grand Rebbe Zalman Teitelbaum of Satmar. Both of these rebbes are following in the footsteps of Grand Rebbe Yoel Teitelbaum of Satmar who passed away in 1979. Today’s Satmar rebbes bring unity, strength, order, and power to their Hasidic communities.

In my lifetime I have visited Jewish communities in nearly one dozen countries. During this time, I have never seen nor heard of a Black Hasidic rebbe. Does any Hasidic Jewish group have a Black rebbe?

It is important for the Jewish world to create a new Hasidic group with a Black rebbe. Such a rebbe would successfully attract more Ethiopian Jewish Hasidim. We need a Black rebbe to establish a Black Hasidic dynasty within the Jewish world.

Barack Mandela, wearing Vizhnitz Hasidic Hat, wants to create Black Hasidut

In 1995, I traveled to B’nai Brak where I met personally with Grand Rabbi Elazar Menachem Shach. Rabbi Shach gave me a blessing “that I would become a Jewish leader”.

I therefore call upon Jewish leaders within theĀ frum world to take steps to establish a Black Hasidic Jewish dynasty or a Hasidic Jewish dynasty for Black people.

At the grave site of my personal rabbi: Elazar Menachem Shach

As I am a Black Jewish person, it is vital for me to witness the creation of a Black Hasidic dynasty. Hasidic Judaism is a universal and infinite faith that worships the Creator of all things. Hasidic Judaism is all-embracing and therefore must embrace Black peoples.

As the Prophet Moses said to Pharaoh, “Let My People Go!”

About the Author
Licensed Attorney. Specialist on Jewish Affairs. Former Rabbinical Student: Aish HaTorah College in Jerusalem and Machon Meir College in Jerusalem. Former Staff Attorney to Governor Pete Wilson of California. Former Assistant to United States Senator Barbara Boxer. Former Intern for Mayor of Jerusalem Ehud Olmert and Jerusalem Spokesperson Haggai Elias. Israel Defense Forces 2000-2005. United States Army 2006-2008. Recipient of National Defense Service Medal, 2006. Israel Defense Forces Inspirational Soldier Award 2001.