The Jews as enemies, a strategy to maintain power.

Six degrees away… from Adolf.
1. In Parasha Shemot, Pharaoh incites the people, sows an idea born in his own head: “Israel is more numerous and powerful than us. Come, let us be cunning against it, lest it join our enemies.” Come on! Says the pharaoh, a personal matter makes him popular and the mass understands the order.

2. Adolf H., also becomes one with the mass: “the only thing I can do is ask the German people that never to be fooled by the stupid, foolish, false phrases of these international Jews.” The people and the leader as one.

3. George Orwell creates a character inspired by Leon Trosky. In 1984, “The Big Brother”, imposing as a collective practice “Two minutes of hate” directed at the supreme enemy of the people: the Jew, Emmanuel Goldstein. The hostile to the leader is hostile to the people.

4. In 1937, Leon Trotsky was received in Mexico by the artist Frida Kahlo. In 1939, a popular demonstration accused him of being a Jew, of having no country, of being an atheist and of “propagating wars that bring abundant profits to Judaism.”

5. On 2005 Christmas, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez claimed “the descendants of the same people who crucified Christ” have taken over the world’s wealth. Chavez did not specifically mention the Jewish people. However, the Simon Wiesenthal Center censored this stigma used to justify the persecution of Jews.

6. The Mexican president Andrés Manuel López Obrador, described the commentator and critic of his government, Carlos Alazraki, as ultra-conservative thinker, like Adolf H. The president sets up a surrealist fight club against the press, scientists, environmentalists, university students, the church, the Spanish Crown and now the Jewish Community.

The central committee of the Jewish Community of Mexico described as “unfortunate and unacceptable” to refer to any person as a “Hitlerian”. Far from revising his words, the next day the president emphasized again: “I respect the Jewish community a lot, but that does not mean that they have a kind of “letters of marque” to affect a transformation movement, only because of their conservatism and I repeat, his Hitlerism”.

The most powerful man in the country, is defended by the masses as a romantic hero, the archetype has been magnificently used. Anti-Semitism invades social networks.
Whoever is not in favor of the Mexican president is necessarily a Hitlerian. This trivialization of Nazism is no small thing in a country where to this day 12 journalists have been killed for their profession, 12 murders without clarification and without culprits.

López Obrador claims to have “Jewish friends,” surely referring to those who participated in construction when he was head of the Mexico City government. In 2003, he allowed to create the Memory and Tolerance Museum, a place of education about the Holocaust and other genocides. Even his favorite to relieve him of the presidency is Jewish: Claudia Sheinbaum.

There are interpretations about the Pharaoh who enslaved the Jews, which claim that it was the same Pharaoh who loved Josef and then disowned him. Trusting too much in the shelter of power is like lying in a cold frozen lake and sleeping, not knowing that the weather changes and everything can break, letting us fall to the bottom.

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Journalist in Mexico for more than 30 years. I made Aliyah in 2020. I collaborate as a content creator on social networks. Director of content in the organization "El Aleph, the Jewish voice of the radio" for the education and dissemination of Jewish culture in Spanish.
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