The Jig Is Up

Dear Activists of the so called BDS Movement.

There you are, without a worry in the world, showing your true colors, your bigotry, your nastiness, your hate, in black and white for the world to see.

So sure of yourself. So convinced you’re the good guy, fighting for the little guy, and, according to you, without an anti-Semitic bone in your body. You don’t have a problem with Jews, just Zionists (which in your warped mind equal fascists). You’re not a racist. How could you be? You love everyone and every country (except Jews and Israel). And of course, you all claim to have at least one (imaginary) Jewish friend to prove how friggin’ nice you are.

Of all the countries in the world, you choose to boycott only ONE. That this country also happens to be Jewish, is just a coincidence. Right?

And you’re so good at it! So passionate about your cause, so obsessed that you’ll do whatever it takes to get your point across, no matter who gets hurt in the process.

After all, if you are a liberal, enlightened wanna-be rebel, you HAVE to have a cause – and it’s so easy to jump on the bandwagon and boycott and hate Israel. So much easier than boycotting and hating Jews (aka being anti-Semitic), which is currently out of fashion (at least officially) and politically incorrect. You’re sure no one will see through you, or this clever game of yours. You’re doing it in such a civil manner and with such civil words: Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions.

Oh BDS:ers. Ignorant, misinformed BDS:ers. I have news for you. Are you ready?

Here it goes: you are anti-Semitic douchebags. The movement you’re all so proudly representing, is nothing but a cover-up for true Jew-hatred. JEW-HATRED. You can scream all you want that this is not so, but the evidence is there, piling up, and we are watching you. We are on to you, and we are not letting you get away with spreading your lies, false history and fake narrative anymore. We’re done listening to your words of hate and propaganda. Done with your bullying. Done with your bull sh*t. The jig is up.

No more being the doormat of the world, and always playing nice. No more. Just watch and see, because we’ve only just started fighting back. Israel will survive and thrive, and in time, you will all just be an annoying speck of dust in history, that no one will remember. Trust me on this one.

Bye bye now.

Sincerely, Anna.

About the Author
Opinionated Swedish Sami Jew, with a lot of Viking Chutzpah, living in Israel.
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