The Killing Of An Innocent Baby

A baby was murdered and it’s sad. Terribly sad and extremely shocking. The taking of another human life is one of the greatest and oldest sins known to man. The killing of an innocent baby, a life that hasn’t yet lived, goes way beyond any kind of rationality. It’s disgraceful, appalling, horrifying and frightening. It’s the ultimate nightmare of every loving parent. No excuse can ever be given just as no action of this kind can ever be justified.

Whether the baby is black, white, Jewish, Muslim, Christian or any other ethnicity there should be a public outcry.

On Wednesday July 29th 2015, two week old Florence Higham was murdered in Stockport, England. Her father, Matthew Higham, is the main and only suspect at this time and has already been charged by the British authorities for the crime. On Wednesday July 15th 2015, the tiny skeleton of an unknown baby was found in a suitcase in the Murray Mallee region in Australia. On Thursday July 30th 2015, Tiona Rodriguez, a teenager from Brooklyn turned herself into authorities after a two year investigation into the murder of her baby boy. The baby was discovered in her tote bag after she was stopped for shoplifting in an underwear store in Manhatten. The odor from the bag, prompted the store security guard to look in her bag only to find the body of her 8 ounce baby boy.

Thursday July 31st 2015, 18 month old Ali Dawabsheh, was murdered in his sleep after his house was deliberately set on fire.

Nothing can justify the killing of any of these infants. And nothing can ever bring them back. I sincerely hope that the killers of Ali Dawabsheh are found and brought to justice, whoever they may be. And I hope that the world media keeps a safe distance as the facts are unraveled. At this time it is not known who carried out the arson attack which took the life of this innocent baby. In the aftermath, there has been a lot of finger pointing and labeling.

According to the UK’s Guardian newspaper “A spokesperson for the EU condemned the “cold-blooded killing” of the Palestinian infant and called for “zero tolerance for settler violence”.” Here, we see the tarring of an entire group of people based on the actions of two people who are, as yet, unidentified.

The murders of Matthew Higham, baby Rodriguez and the unknown ‘baby in the suitcase’, should have also sparked just as much outrage. After all, who are we to judge one murderer worse than another murderer? But they didn’t.

The world urges the State of Israel and their Arab cousins to make peace and live side by side, but how can this ever happen when those same factions drive sharp stakes into the euphemistic ground between each side at every given opportunity.

Since the vicious murder of Ali Dawabsheh, there have been lists posted online of all the Jewish children killed in terror attacks. Is this what we have become? A quid pro quo, atrocity comparing people? We should never forget the murder of anyone, adult or child.

As the identity of the assailants remains a mystery, I hope and I pray that they were not Jews for so many reasons. But none of these reasons are because it would ever make me ashamed to be Jewish. I would be ashamed that any ‘human being’ could be so cruel, as we are ALL a part of the human race. But, if it were the case that a ‘seemingly’ religious Jew carried out this attack, the main thing I pray for is that the divisions within Israel do not grow larger.

It seems that everyone, including President Ruby Rivlin, has already concluded that this heinous crime is the act of ‘Jewish terrorists’ and by doing so has given justification to the world to hate and despise ALL of us for the actions of two unidentified murderers. While the left tears at the right, and the right yells at the left, and the religious condemn the secular and the secular screams at the religious, the entire world Judges US as one.

May the memory of ALL the murdered children be for a blessing and may ALL the killing stop!

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