The Knesset Anti BDS Law — On Justified Self-Defense and Hypocrisy

The BDS movement is not against the ”occupation”, the ”settlements ” only or any other one particular aspect of Israeli politics. It is against Israel’s very existence, and as such it is a declaration of war on Israel, and a war is not something that can be left without an answer. It has to get a proper response, which is to defeat the movement, by preventing it from success , and one of the means which should be used, and finally it is used , is the law book in Israel. Better late than never is exactly the right way to address the most recent Knesset legislation. Some context is needed here.

First, the BDS is not different than the old Arab boycott of Israel, a tool used by Arab and non-Arab states as part of their declared goal to destroy Israel at all cost. This boycott was defeated by a combination of two major factors-the amazing , in fact miraculous success of the Israeli economy and the use of the law book in the US, and many other countries. It was a measure of friendship towards Israel, as well as adherence to basic principles of decency and fair trade which motivated many countries to legislate against the Arab boycott, in actual terms to kill it. It is a measure of friendship towards Israel and basic decency which motivates many US states to legislate against BDS nowadays, with the great governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo , a Liberal through and through, leading the way. Legislation against boycott therefore, is a legitimate tool in the struggle against it, and by my humble assessment, the US and none of the US States is in any shape, means or form less democratic because of this legislation.

Dealing with BDS we have to remember that the movement has long moved from the facade of being anti-settlements into a sheer violent, antisemitic group, with subsidiary organizations like SJP and JVP using violence to intimidate Jewish and other pro-Israel activists in campus and in the streets of cities. Two most recent examples, are the beatings of pro-Israel activists in Amsterdam and attempts to beat an Israeli-Arab speaker in a South African university. The blatant antisemitism in many places is too obvious to disregard, and only those who have abandoned both any basic human decency as well as most elementary sense of Jewish solidarity do not see it for what it is. The truth is, that those who use violence outside of Israel, try to come to the state in order to activate violence against Jews in Israel. To let them do it, or to make it easier for them to do it, is simply idiotic.The US, for example, still today, restricts entry of Communists to the country almost three decades after the end of the Cold War. What do they know that Israel missed until now?. Well, nothing special, simply a measure of common sense which is sometimes missing in Israel. Just make it harder for your enemies to try and destroy you.

Take, for example, Hugh Lanning, the head of British Campaign of Solidarity with the Palestinians, a supporter of Hamas and Hizballah, who will not be able to enter Israel anymore. What a loss to international solidarity, what a loss to the the notion of peace on earth.We can do without him, and if he cannot do without us, it is his problem. Other countries deny entry to them for ideological reasons, let alone security ones. Take Austria and Germany which forbid entry of Holocaust deniers. For me, Holocaust deniers are no different than those who strive to perpetrate another Holocaust, which is what the BDS have in mind about Israel-total destruction.

It is mind-boggling to me, that so-called Liberal Jewish groups , claiming to be pro-Israel like J Street and others like the group of Rabbis called Tru’a condemn this new legislation, and on top of them, the head of the Reform Movement, Rabbi Rick Jacobs questions Israel’s very democratic character because of the new law. Well, sometimes I wonder whether I should cry or laugh when confronting the double standards of the Jewish Left Wing.So now Israel is not as democratic as it should be, what a sad joke, how hypocritical, and frankly, how laughable. So, this time I choose to laugh. I usually do not follow the food Kosher certificate of the Reform Movement, and have no reason to abide by their political kosher certificate either.

About the Author
Dr Josef Olmert, a Middle East expert, is currently an adjunct professor at the University of South Carolina