The Land of Mylk and Honee

Israel is truly a special land for many different people, and for a variety of reasons. To us Jews, it represents a land of religious freedom, a safe space for us to practice our beautiful religion without having to fear persecution of any sort. For thousands of years, Jews have been dispersed throughout the world, deprived of their rights and pitilessly being regarded as 3rd class citizens irrespective of where they lived. So, when Israel was finally re-established, and Jews were allowed to return to their original homeland, something very special happened. Israel’s primary demographic consisted of a very distinct global minority of people who have known nothing but persecution throughout their existence. This, in my logical opinion, has resulted in a unique community who can empathize with what it’s like to experience oppression. Therefore, I was not particularly surprised when I turned on the TV last year and it was announced that Israel is the world’s most vegan country.

I mean, sure, it took a slight push. It took a very influential and charismatic Jewish man by the name of Gary Yourofsky to produce a one-in-a-million recorded speech, delivered with utmost fervor and logic, and for that speech to go viral… In Israel. Gary’s speech, also known as “The Best Speech You Will Ever Hear,” articulately explained the vicious nature of the meat industry by comparing animal slaughter to the oppression of Jews. It became the most watched video in Israeli history and has singlehandedly increased Israel’s vegan population from 5% to 13%. Something that had never been seen before in any country. Around that same time, Tal Gilboa, an animal rights activist and dedicated vegan, won Big Brother 6 and influenced a plethora of Israelis.

Tel Aviv has already been described as the vegan capital of the world. More vegan-friendly restaurants are being opened daily, the plant-based lifestyle seems to resonate with Israelis and Jews — both secular and religious. Moreover, Judaism is gradually being exposed as an incredibly vegan religion. Many Jewish values and food products are vegan (most ‘Parve’ products are already vegan) so it’s not an inconvenience to many Jews and Israelis in the first place.

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Many people are aware of animal slaughter, while also openly admitting it being wrong. They express their dissatisfaction with how the animals are treated, but do nothing and go back to their old habits. Jews and Israelis are likely to not only empathize but relate to how the animals are treated.

I’m openly predicting that the world will see an all vegan country by 2030 and I’m willing to place every penny I have that this country will be Israel. Israelis have always been at the forefront of communicating compassion, empathy, and assistance to the underprivileged; regardless of whether it’s helping a war inflicted enemy state or a country devastated by a natural disaster. Or even making immense strides in the field of ecology. It only makes sense that Israel will keep leading the fight against animal cruelty in any way and form all by merely understanding, empathizing and having the capacity to relate to the enslavement, persecution and slaughter animals endure on an hourly basis.

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