Maiyan Karidi
Art projects in unusual places

The Last Tree

This artwork was created for Omada Dance in 2008

This poem was written in 2008.

Today it is dedicated to the Tribal People of the Amazon.

I dreamed about a pirate ship

sailing the turquoise sea

the pirates wild and crazy women

one of them was me

I looked up at the mast, so high

and saw it was a tree

a gentle swaying tree of life

escaped catastrophe

My instincts whispered “keep it safe

nurture, love and feed

protect it from all human harm

sail away from greed”

That night I heard a subtle cry

I touched the leafy mast

a seed pod dropped into the ocean

the tree said “that’s my last”

About the Author
Maiyan studied art at Ruth Prowse in Cape Town and anthropology, linguistics and Hebrew at University of South Africa. Made aliya. Trained in mosaic restoration in Israel. Joint owner of Mystica Art and Design with husband (Ceramic Design at Betsalel). Ceramic design, mosaic art, painting, public and private art commissions. Initiated and collaborated with art projects in South Africa, Israel, Fiji, Mauritius. Writer of short stories about surreal experiences and Jewish identity.
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