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Think Next, hosted by Microsoft's Zack Weisfeld and Dana Porter Rubinshtein (Photo credit: Microsoft)
Think Next, hosted by Microsoft’s Zack Weisfeld and Dana Porter Rubinshtein (Photo credit: Microsoft)

Hosted by Microsoft Israel R&D and Microsoft Ventures, Think Next exhibited yesterday the latest Israeli start-ups. Here are some of the highlights:


Dr Doron Myersdorf – CEO

Produces fast rechargeable batteries from nano-materials. Among their prototypes: a smartphone battery that recharges in 2 minutes and an electric car battery that recharges in 5 minutes. The technology, which can be used in a semi-conductor device, battery or display, has gained support from the likes of Roman Abramovich, who invested $10 million into the company last year.


Nevo Alva – CEO

Creates customised QR Codes, which has caught the eye of Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba. In their first Israeli partnership, Alibaba invested $5-10 million in Visualead, whose QR codes incorporate colourful GIF animation, shown to generate 50 – 400% more scans than those in black and white. QR codes are widely used in China to obtain information about products and avoid counterfeits, and could eventually be used to process payments.


Yehuda Yehudai – CEO

Connects mobile devices using ultrasonic waves, enabling secure mobile payments and push notifications on any device. Already partnered with Amdocs and Coca-Cola, DOV-E offers both short range connectivity, used in mobile wallets, and long range connectivity, used in-store and location-based promotions. In case you were wondering, their ultrasonic waves do not disturb dogs.

Von Bismark

Eoghan O Sullivan – CEO

Brings e-Commerce to TV, via Xbox One. Soon the 12 million Xbox One users (40% of whom are women) will be able to shop for clothing and ‘try it on’ before purchasing, using Von Bismark’s image capture and augmented reality technology. Analytics will ultimately show who buys what, and will enable retailers to better connect with their customers.


Amir Berlad – CEO

Showed off an unmanned-aerial vehicle (UAV) that detects threats within a 400 meter range, 45 degrees above and below the horizon. Power stations, communication towers, and national border guards could all benefit from these lighter and energy efficient UAVs, which at a $5000 price-point, are 3-7 times less expensive than what is currently available.


Asaf Shaltiel – CEO

Provides digital shower systems for homes and commercial spaces. Its MEMS technology wirelessly connects faucets to their SmartGrid, which optimizes water usage, as well as monitors and diagnoses plumbing problems. In a pilot program at the Sheraton Hotel in Tel Aviv, the system improved water consumption by 30%.


Amir Hirsh – CEO

Transcribes live radio into searchable text, which Audioburst segments into ‘bursts,’ so that specific sound bites may be found and shared. In addition to releasing developer API, AudioBurst is building their own app so that radio listeners will be able to easily find what’s interesting, now.

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