The Lesser of Two Evils

As I mindlessly checked my Facebook newsfeed this morning, a certain Jewish girl’s status struck me.

“Mitt Romney came out and said, “Had I been born of Mexican descent, I’d have a better shot of winning this.” He went on to say, “I mean, I say that jokingly but it would be helpful to be Latino.” Anyone voting for this guy needs to reconsider.”

Now, I’m not sure how much thought this girl has given to politics, or how much thought she even put into composing her status. But what struck me was this: just because one comment by a GOP might be taken out of context, or might indeed be terrible and thoughtless, apparently one must rethink they’re entire vote.

To that, I can just shake my head. NO.

True, Romney’s comment was senseless. He shouldn’t have said it, and should probably apologize for it, as a good PR move due to the upcoming election. But it was made at a fundraising event back in May. He might have even been trying to make a joke, referencing that since his father was even born in Mexico, his father would’ve been better off being born to Mexican parents, not Americans abroad, since it would make Romney’s campaign as a Republican easier.

But, the world will pounce on any drama they can, especially the liberal and news worlds. Therefore, the girl pounced at the chance that she could possibly prove her Republican-voting friends wrong.

However, what the girl neglected to realize was all that is still wrong with the Obama administration. Two wrongs don’t make a right. One stupid comment does not negate all the smart statements a campaign preaches. Concerning the Jewish and pro-Israel vote, Romney still beats Obama by a landslide. The DNC has flip-flopped on Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, last I checked. That doesn’t say a lot for the current Obama administration’s foreign policy towards Israel. The President has yet to come out in full support of Israel, as he even neglected to meet with Prime Minister Netanyahu on his recent visit to America, since his schedule “does not allow for a meeting.” However, it did allow for an appearance on “The View.” Talk about noncommittal.

When it comes to extremes, yes, the two presidential candidates are far from each other. Will both say stupid comments? Yes, they’re human like you and me. Will the liberal world pounce on one, while the conservative pounces on the other? Sure, it’s a dogfight out there. Will under-informed Facebook statuses be made? Yes, thanks to social networking everyone with a keyboard is an expert commentator. Let’s just hope that the majority of America’s vote isn’t determined by Facebook statuses and may the lesser of two evils win.

About the Author
Melanie Goldberg is a current student at the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law. She also serves as the research assistant for Versa: The Israeli Supreme Court English Language Repository, and founded a chapter of The Louis D. Brandeis Center for Human Rights on her campus. Most recently, she was one of the recipients of The Jewish Week's "36 under 36" award.