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The Levant, not Palestine

The Levant
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In the year 132 AD, the Roman Empire emerged victorious over the Jewish population during the Bar Kokhba Revolt, resulting in the expulsion of the Jews from the region known as Roman Judea. Subsequently, the territory was renamed as Palestine. Palestine, historically, has been a subject of contention and debate. It has been argued that the establishment of Palestine was not merely a geographical entity, but rather a deliberate provocation aimed at humiliating the Jewish population and severing their connection to their ancestral homeland.

Following their expulsion from the region, the Jewish population dispersed across many parts of the world and subsequently experienced persecution in different locations. This persecution took the form of ethnic cleansing, leading to their confinement in ghettos or settlements. Additionally, the Jewish community faced genocides, such as the Inquisition, pogroms, and ultimately, the Shoa also known by Holocaust.

The Jewish community satisfies the necessary criteria to be classified as victims of persecution, as stipulated by non-governmental organisations (NGOs) that prioritise virtue signalling over the provision of humanitarian assistance. Feminist activists failed to adequately address the experiences of Jewish women who have been victims of sexual assault on Oct. 7th.

Humanists overlooked instances of atrocities when the Jewish community becomes the target. The individuals in question employ flawed reasoning to rationalise acts that violate human rights on a large scale. Furthermore, they evade reality by rippling and destroying posters displaying images of Jews who have been forcibly abducted by the Hamas terrorists. Additionally, they vocalise chants that promote the extermination of a particular ethnic group, making reference to a geographical feature, such as from the river to the sea, that they lack a comprehensive understanding of.

According to indigenists, Jews are not regarded as an indigenous people due to their ability to reclaim their ancestral homeland through the acquisition of thousands of square kilometers of terrain facilitated by financial contributions from their capitalist benefactors, mostly very wealthy bankers. Socialists do not express admiration for the Jewish individuals who established agricultural colonies and cosmopolitan cities, performing the unbelievable task of draining swamps and desert irrigation.

Postmodern Marxists engage in a distortion of factual information, manipulate language, and develop corrupt narratives that wrongfully attribute to Jews actions that are typically associated with Islamic fundamentalists, such as the violation of individual rights, engagement in acts of terrorism, perpetration of ethnic cleansing, implementation of apartheid policies, and participation in crimes of genocide.

Why does the political left tend to align themselves with the perpetrators of harm against Jews, notwithstanding the fact that the Jewish people are the victims? Jews have a notable sense of self-esteem, actively cultivating virtues and demonstrating overcoming capacity in the face of hardship. They possess a strong sense of agency, perceiving themselves as rulers of their own life and architects of their own destiny. Jews, mostly, invest in their own growth, their own economic well-being, and the betterment of the community in which they reside.

Israel serves as a pertinent illustration of this phenomenon, considering the extraordinary advancements that drive progress in human and technological development. Regrettably, since Oct, 7th, Israelis, with their Arab or Jewish backgrounds, encompassing both genders, who possess expertise in engineering, physics, scientific research, medicine, and education, drop out their activities to create values to actively engage in a conflict aimed at safeguarding civilization against barbarism.

The political left aligns itself with groups that they share certain characteristics, such as dogmatic mysticism, the use of compulsion and coercion as a means of persuasion, and a tendency towards atavistic nihilism. The concept of nihilism refers to a philosophical perspective that posits the belief in the absence of inherent meaning, value, or purpose in life and the universe.

In Ayn Rand’s renowned novel, Atlas Shrugged, the author says clearly: “They do not want to own your fortune, they want you to lose it; they do not want to succeed, they want you to fail; they do not want to live, they want you to die; they desire nothing, they hate existence, and they keep running, each trying not to learn that the object of his hatred is himself.[…] They are the essence of evil, they, those anti-living objects who seek, by devouring the world, to fill the selfless zero of their soul. It is not your wealth that they’re after. Theirs is a conspiracy against the mind, which means: against life and man.”

The cause to which the left is committed, in relationship to Jews, is commonly branded as anti-Zionism, which is an undeniable synonymous term for anti-Semitism.

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Roberto Rachewsky was born in 1955, in Porto Alegre, southern Brazil. His great-grandparents came from Bessarabia (Moldova and Ukraine), fleeing the pogroms of Tsar Nicholas II. Belonging to a family of traders, Roberto is the owner of an international logistics company and is an active supporter of laisse-faire capitalism for which he co-founded several institutions to spread the ideas of freedom. He recently published the book "The Greek, the Friar and the Heroine", which deals with the philosophical connection between Aristotle, Thomas Aquinas and Ayn Rand.