Oriel Einhorn

The Liberation of Gaza

The people of Gaza are the punching bag of the Middle East, they live in a highly dense area with no prosperity plan at all. But it’s not because they can’t or because they don’t have enough money donated by the world it is because they are used and abused by the league of Arab nations and the UN as a front post for their causes.

Israel withdrew from Gaza in 2005, the settlements were evacuated but they left behind a booming agriculture machine that was responsible for 60% of Israel’s organic export of vegetables and the majority of export of flowers to Europe. Israel left behind hundreds of greenhouses that were ready for planting. Take a seed plant it in the ground and within three months you can export lettuce and other vegetables, it works I was there to see it with my own eyes. Funding for seeds and greenhouses were donated by Jews in Manhattan in the sum of 14 million dollars. The day Israel left all the greenhouses were destroyed and the money was used to start digging a tunnel. A year and three months later Gilad Shalit was kidnapped.

That is the Gaza story in a nutshell.
Civilians that are pawns in a sum zero battle that leads to nowhere. Thousands are still living in refugee camps that were supposed to be dismantled but are kept alive by the UN and different organizations to increase the pain and suffering of the civilians of Gaza. A refugee camp in its nature is supposed to give refuge from oppression, the great irony is that 9 years after they govern themselves they still seek refuge form their own regime. But there is a reason for that and that is because the Hammas came promising the end of corruption and prosperity for the land of Gaza. What the civilians didn’t know is that they are used and abused again by a murderous terror organization that will turn their lives into hell having the civilians seek refuge once again.

Hammas turned Gaza into one big army base and any terror act against Israel was accompanied by a shield of civilians and by having groups of school kids abused in instructing them to surround a rocket launch sites in order to prevent Israel from retaliating. These are facts that are documented numerous times, in films and personal testimonies.

After 2000 rockets were fired on Israel in the span of two weeks came operation Protective Edge.
This operation has a dual purpose to protect the people of Israel and it is also designed to protect the civilians of Gaza from being abused once again by the Hammas.
The voice that has to come out which is true and backed by Arab countries such as Egypt and Saudis, is that a terror organization has taken over Gaza just like ISIS took over Mosul in Iraq and they are using the civilians in Gaza to protect their terror regime. The IDF is liberating this region to give back to the Gaza people the life and dignity they deserve. Anyone who objects to this mission is sentencing the civilians of Gaza to many more years of tyranny and poverty, hate and refugee camps.

Gaza can turn into a Singapore of the Middle East but not with the Hammas there. Any one that cares about human lives, and wants freedom for the people of Gaza, should voice this opinion. They need hospitals to be hospitals and not a terrorist bunker. They need schools to be schools and not to be a rocket launch site, and they need beaches to be beaches that are safe for children to play and swim and not turn it into factories for war heads. Nations should support the freedom of the Gaza people now by supporting this mission to eradicate terror in Gaza.

At this moment they are blocking the roads while people that are wounded seek medical treatment at the field hospital erected by the IDF at the Erez boarder. They are preventing humanitarian aid to go into Gaza. They are looting homes of people that left because of the crisis.
Gaza people have to be freed of these terrorists. They must live a normal life. This time Gaza people must free themselves from these terrorists they owe it to their children!
We are now fighting the war of Mahmud Abbas and of Egypt and sacrificing our boys to give the people of Gaza a better life. Cooperate with the IDF by evacuating the dense populated areas and let the army do its job, it will help you the people of Gaza in the long run. Will the people of Gaza be smart this time or will they fall into the same false hope of nationalism terror regime again, unfortunately I think the latter.
And that’s where the international community comes in to the picture.
If just for once the international community will trust Israel and support its war on terror they will truly bring better life to the people of Gaza which suffered for their wrong choices. Does the international community really care about the civilians in Gaza or are they motivated by something else entirely, time will tell..
We call out to the international community give us one chance to liberate Gaza we owe it to the civilians living there.


About the Author
Rabbi Oriel Einhorn is an eighth generation Jerusalemite who currently serves as the community of Kfar Shemaryahu. He got his rabbinical degree from the Har Etzion yeshiva, where he learnt for 10 years. He served as community rabbi in Hong Kong, China and Cape Town, South Africa before resettling in Israel and founding Kehillot- an organization which promotes communtiy building between Jews of all stripes. Enjoys gourmet cooking, golfing and extreme adventures.