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The ‘Low-Tech’ Sector’s Massive Contribution To Winning The War

Alex Schupak with AIPAC Representatives (credit: Alex Schupak)

What could be more important than feeding our soldiers at a time like this??

That’s the exact thought that went through Alex Schupak‘s head when the war broke out. That very first day he withdrew 200,000 NIS from his account and headed down South to start making hamburgers for the soldiers.

There is nothing quite as beautiful as seeing the true Israeli spirit in action. Here is the most stunning example from a family-owned group of steel contractors.

They call themselves THE A TEAM (Tzevet La’Inyan in Hebrew) – and are feeding 22,000 soldiers hamburgers every day for around $40K.


The soldiers in their intro clip are saying they’ve never seen anything like this in their lives.

All this is happening every day at Gilat Junction – “A place where the vague concept of free love is coming true, and taking shape. Caution: An exciting positive story up ahead” YNET

I reached out because my daughter wants to volunteer on her days off from the army. So I googled Alex and it turns out this is a family operation – him and his two brothers and their father, who were steel contractors when things were still “normal” here.

And their office is right next to our house – small world! Or should I say small country – and each day we’re discovering more unbelievable people with SO MUCH CAPACITY to love and lift others.

Here’s how you can help >>


I asked Alex what they need and he said they need VOLUNTEERS !! Apart from the massive food operation they’ve got haircuts, laundry and showers, a library, massages and even holistic treatments for our soldiers !!! Dozens of volunteers are pitching in from all over the country.


And of course they need more donations to keep making so many hamburgers every day!

If you want to contribute with a credit card or Paypal – go to their site and scroll down to DONATE at the bottom >>

For larger amounts write to and say your donation is for Association for Swords of Iron War AMUTAH (ID) NUMBER (58-0775658) – then they will send you transfer details. All contributions made by the end of this month will be tax deductible for 2023. See more details here.

This operation is so impressive on so many levels !!! It’s incredible what we can achieve when our hearts are open.

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