Yoseph Janowski
By the Grace of G-d

The Lubavitcher Rebbe and Israel

This Friday, the 11th day of Nisan, marks the Rebbe’s birthday, one hundred and twenty two years ago.

He warned Israel to not give away any land. Israel didn’t listen, and October 7 showed clearly that the Rebbe was right.

He encouraged Jews to strengthen their connection to G-d and His Torah by performing Mitzvot like putting on tefillin, and lighting candles before Shabbat. The Rebbe explained that doing so would open wide channels to receive the Almighty’s blessings, especially for security for Israel.

Indeed these days we have witnessed a tremendous resurgence and return to Torah and Jewish values. And as Israel faces off with Hamas, Iran, Hezbollah and others, we have seen wondrous miracles. Iran launched about 350 missiles against Israel, but miraculously almost all the missiles were destroyed. As the Rebbe told us (when Scud missiles were launched against Israel during the First Gulf War), Israel is the safest place in the world; and he quoted the verse (Deuteronomy 11; 12): “G-d’s eyes are constantly focused on it (the land of Israel), from the beginning of the year till the end of the year.”

Even as Western and Arab powers rallied to Israel’s defence (which itself is amazing — when was the last time Arabs joined the West to defend Israel?), the world was nevertheless stunned by the amazing neutralization of Iranian missiles and drones. President Biden used the word “remarkable” to describe it.

The 11th day of Nisan inspires us to reflect and take to heart that Israel needs to be strong, not give away any land, and not be afraid of what the nations may say, because our protection comes from G-d, who orchestrates everything by Divine providence.

We will triumph. The entire world sees the miracles happening now. And very soon the world will see the ultimate miracle, when G-d redeems the Jewish people, and all nations will witness a time when (Zechariah 14; 9) “G-d will be King over all the earth, for on that day G-d will be One and His name will be One.”

May it happen very soon.

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