Gurkan Gurkas
Gurkan Gurkas

The Manifesto of Democratic Love – 2

As I said in my previous piece, love is the most complex unification/combination of feelings that one has towards another. It would not be wrong to say that love is the most necessary, direct and natural relationship of human to human. This relationship between human beings are the most genuine as it has power to extract/reveal the human essence in them. However, true love can only be achieved through eradicating ‘dominant guard male figure’ that supposedly represent and manage the entire functions of relationship.
Dominant male figure is the fundamental principle of institutionalised/industrialised love and managed relationship which only composed of power and control over feelings in order to maintain social, political and economic exploitation of women therefore relationship itself.
Managed love historically & socially captured women and hypocritically assigned to so-called superior & holy roles and tasks as the guardians of the legitimacy of the system that is consist of keepers for the housework, motherhood for children, and wife for the men. Managed love is no more than deception to keep women as the main tools of production.
In managed love, basically women can only be existed through concepts where woman forcibly and involuntarily associated as the symbol of fidelity and commitment to chain them to the system where they cannot have more than the symbolic gesture which is not even applicable to the dominant men!
Managed love makes people to see / think of their partners a mere instrument of system which is not more or less than any production that commercialised system offer! These forms of love like any other production in the market enable the managed relationship to be remain as exploitative and destructive and often lack common/mutual logic, rationality and vision.
The managed love worldview systematically limits the role of women to symbolisation of sin, seduction and disgrace therefore its’ approach to relationship is shaped within this views. The existence of love on the dominant male platform must be refused and replaced with mutual & democratic platform where genders would not pose any superiority.
Democratic love simply refuses the managed love that is coded in tradition, culture and legality namely the entire system that only pleases the dominant men’s desires.
Democratic love requires all terms and objects to be redefined and reinvented in order to eradicate the dominant man figure’s influence to secure democratic platform where both sides freely express and practice.
Democratic love’s primary concern is not about exchanging & experiencing benefits or ego exercise one in another but democratic promise to understand the world together as couple. Therefore, democratic love goes beyond the sex-designed and men-tied relationship and pushes both sides to acknowledge it.
Only democratising the interdependence and intercommunication can minimise the materialist conception and consumption of relationship partners. Remember love is an impossible mission unless women are completely free and equal as partner.
About the Author
Originally from Istanbul, Turkey, Gurkan is an Oxford BA (Hons) graduated and pursuing a double master's in International Political Economy at Warwick & Strategic Studies at NTU in Singapore. He is also a published poet.