The Many Faces of Sigd

The Ethiopian Holy Day of Sigd was celebrated

Sigd 100t

on the Haas Promenade, the Tayelet,

Sigd 087

which has one of the best views

Sigd 095b

of The Old City

Sigd 133t

and the Temple Mount

Sigd 147t

in Jerusalem, Israel.

Sigd 083


Sigd 092

and thousands of Ethiopian immigrants

Sigd 231

came by the bus load

Sigd 075

from all over Israel.

Sigd 185t

Young and old,

Sigd 199t

with many generations represented in

Sigd 210t

in loving families.

Sigd 076t

Many were dressed

Sigd 080

in traditional white,

Sigd 104

But many colorful costumes

Sigd 161

were also worn,

Sigd 245t

and many in modern fashion too.

Sigd 227t

The old Kessim have seen their dream come true.

For centuries on a mountain top, Kessim in Ethiopia prayed to return to Jerusalem. Today their prayers have been answered. They have arrived in the promised land and can see it themselves.

Photo credit: The Real Jerusalem Streets

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Tired of only seeing negatives images of Jerusalem in the media, I started taking pictures of what is really happening, to show the world the real Jerusalem streets..
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