The Media Magicians

It is shocking and tragic to see how far down the abyss America has descended. No doubt much of the blame must be laid at Obama’s doorstep, even if he deftly uses “English” to bounce the “buck” elsewhere. Always smelling like a rose regardless of the screw-up and lie with nary a hair singed on his scalp. To be sure he has many white ones, yet he remains remarkably untouched.

Truth be told, the credit does not lie as much with him as it does the media. He is literally their creation. A nobody coming out of nowhere to become a somebody everywhere. As such, they remain his brazen defenders and the Democrat party to a lesser extent. The sheer volume of falsehoods promulgated by this president, his administration and its underlings are breathtaking and unseen ever before in my lifetime.

The mainstream media remains virtually silent and uninterested. His denial of culpability for anything goes largely uncontested. Anyone daring to raise a hue and cry is a conspiracy theorist and a kook.

Obama cannot be faulted. He’s doing what is natural. It is normal to be self-protective, self-absorbed and self-promoting. He won’t be the first delusional president and I’m sure not the last. He’ll just be the sincerest. He is genuinely fixated on himself.

As the first black president he can claim another first. The first publicly “naked” president! Like the “naked emperor” riding down the streets of his realm in pomp and circumstance. Acknowledging his fawning ministers and adoring subjects, benignly smiling upon them as they pay him homage he remains aloof and unaware of his glaring nakedness. That is until a guileless and artless child shouts out “Mommy! The emperor is naked!” does the emperor become all too painfully aware of his witless stupidity.

At least, that story possesses a measure of truth and ends with a timeless lesson. Such luck does not seem to crown us in these times. We’re being herded into cages of political correctness and prodded into group think pens with no way out. There are no children to rescue us. They have lost their naiveté and are being molded exactly as the uber-masters of education want it.

The media won’t allow it. They continue to write their script and author this fantasy of a hero-president. A sham!

No president has ever enjoyed such sycophantic adulation as this one does. Ascribe it to a multitude of reasons but it is so. As such, the media is not only failing itself, it is failing us and the mission it was tasked with by our founding fathers. They in their wisdom knew that a government unsupervised and untethered is a government run amok and maniacal. How prescient is their wisdom.

Yet they willfully continue down this path to their ultimate detriment and their consumers. We have never seen such lawlessness, fraud, government cover-ups and criminal protectionism being so widely ignored. All, in their fiery zeal and vigilant protection of Obama.

We are seeing genocide play itself out on a massive global scale and we turn our faces, ignore it and think we’re untouchable. We’ve become inured to human suffering unlike any time before. Democratic and free countries continue to be given a cold shoulder by the Obama Administration and even denigrated and humiliated.

Most notable, of course, is Israel. A miniscule island of democracy and equal rights in a sea of tyrants, despots, inequality, cruelty, slavery, bigotry, rape, pillage and misery is consistently condemned.

Obama seals deals with human rights abusers and dictatorships to the detriment of Israel, America, and some of Israel’s other natural enemies, all toward the goal of leaving a personal legacy which his complicit media ignores and even lauds. Meanwhile we’re spiraling into this death march and the media conducts a symphony of bagpipes making it look like it he’s accomplished a historical coup when in essence it’s a funeral procession.

Obama remains oblivious and believes he’s clothed. He thinks the throngs are encouraging and supportive. Why? Because he never hears any criticism from his home crowd. He’s their hero and he’ll leave their hero. Meanwhile America and its people suffer.

The media has decreed it’s not about “out of many, one” – but “one, outweighs the many”! They’ll continue to change language and terminology on his behalf. An illegal alien or immigrant is a displaced person or citizen of the world. No borders and no right to protect our borders. The PC language continues its march onward all for his sake, legacy and indulgence.

So what will be? I don’t know. Honestly, I didn’t pen this article to offer a solution. Perhaps another time. I’m merely here to sound some alarm bells and wake the comatose from their repose. To make everyone aware it’s not the president we must focus on. It’s the foot soldiers that protect him through thick and thin. It’s they we must call out, by name, one by one. We must fight them fire with fire. We must stand against them and show the world their lies their sheer falsehoods and underlying goals.

Their desire? To reshape America in their image! To make it a haven of government largesse. To keep the rank-and-file in single file, unrelated and unspeaking to one another. Not able to test each other or pick each other’s brains, thus not creating dissension or fissures in their politically correct world. Creating a playground of hedonism and delight for the elite on the backs of the downtrodden, lemming-like proletariat, surrounding them.

To that end they will not just defend Obama but they will use every trick and slight-of-hand available and will viciously fight on his behalf, gouge their enemies and stomp them into oblivion.

Folks be aware. Wake up. Wise up. Stand your ground and fight back. Take the media to task. Take its journalists to the rack. Revel in your own independence and defend it and don’t let them or Obama take it away. Wrestle it back from them or you’ll lose it. It’s now or never. Don’t let them bedazzle you with their magic act.

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Graduate of the Rabbinical College of Greater Miami and Central Lubavitch Yeshivah in NY. Rabbi in Hollywood, FL leading its community as the Chabad Emissary and member of Florida Friends of Lubavitch for over 25 years. "Father and grandfather is something I'm most proud of and strive to get better."
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