The media’s despicable silence on Israel

The world’s media constantly blasts and attacks Israel. A simple monitoring of the media over the last few days shows a deafening silence on issues – and there’s no explanation other than media bias against Israel:

In the last week, there have been 150 rockets fired into Israel, and it’s far from major news. It’s a non-issue for the Western media – damage to a school and factory on Saturday. It will become news when Israel responds and kills some terrorist(s), and world headlines will speak of “tit for tat violence.” No, in reality it’s a sane democratic country defending herself from terrorism.

Think if Israel fired 150 rockets into Gaza it wouldn’t be in the media?

Mainstream media has by and large ignored a huge NYC mural which compares gay rights in Israel and Arab states. There’s an outline of two men holding hands, above them are the words, “Who Would YOU Want at Your Wedding?” The figures also hold two balancing scales. Above one scale, on the side of the mural that reads “Israel,” there’s a description of how the recent gay pride parade in Israel attracted tens of thousands of people, that Israel allows same-sex couples to adopt children, and that “gay people serve openly in the military and government” in Israel.

Above the scale on the side of the mural labeled “Israel’s neighbors,” the text notes that homosexuality is illegal in Syria and punishable by death in Iran. “There is no pride parade in Egypt, Jordan or Gaza,” reads the mural. Why no huge media spreads worldwide?

Literally every single week Israel is harmed by biased media. It’s sickening. An interesting person this month surfaced on this issue: Kasim Hafeez, a British Muslim who today calls himself a “proud Zionist.” He says the British community he grew up in calls “for the destruction of all Jews,” which led him to believe that Israel is a “terror state.”

But now he realizes that “People don’t know the facts. I would say to anybody, come to Israel. See the rights that Muslims have. People can vote for their leaders. People of all colors, all races, all backgrounds co-exist here, and people just don’t know.”

He particularly criticized media bias, saying that Israel can “do no right in the UK press.” “Israel is always wrong and everything has a very negative slant.” The media is simply biased about Israel – constantly, worldwide and not just in the UK.

Meanwhile, The New York Times runs an op-ed by Nathan Thrall of the International Crisis Group promising violence against Israel. Thrall speaks of how bleak the situation is: poor Israel has lost its chance with Abbas, Palestinians have lost hope of ever getting a state, and armed confrontation, a third intifada, is inevitable. But not once does the op-ed blame them for the inevitable violence that will occur. Despicable.

Ze’ev Jabotinsky, the Zionist leader said: “Silence is despicable, it leads to a loss of flesh and blood.” He’s right: Media bias against Israel leads to dead Jews, and it is incumbent upon anyone concerned with decency who knows right from wrong not to remain silent. We must all help improve Israel’s public image and help however we can with Israel’s public relations.

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