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The Messiah Wouldn’t Care

Lately I have been really into staying clean and organized. 

I think that, naturally, I’m a very clean and organized person, but somewhere down the line, things have changed, or perhaps shifted into a different direction.

It might have been the rebellious girl in me that wanted to show those who wanted me to be clean and organized, when I was a teenager, that I was going to be messy if they didn’t stop bothering me. 

But, the instinct in me knows that, in order for me to live a more liberated life, I have to keep things in order. 

(Anyway, I think I’m wandering off the real subject.)    

The point is, I really wanted to talk about how I was throwing this clutter away, but while I was doing that, I came across a picture of a well-respected Rabbi. 

(It wasn’t really a picture, more like a flyer.)

Regardless, this well-respected Rabbi is also known to be highly advanced in his spirituality. 

I found myself contemplating whether or not I should throw his picture away.

I mean, this wasn’t just any Rabbi, this is a strong figure in the Orthodox Jewish community.

“What if he’s watching me from up there throwing his picture away?” I thought.

But, then I responded to myself, “Anat, this is how clutter becomes clutter, because we give everything value, and we don’t let it go.” 

While it made me uncomfortable, I decided to throw the picture away anyway, along with other flyers that just caused my room to look like a mess. 

Fast forward to after cleaning everything up…I got into bed, and tried to go to sleep, but found I couldn’t because thoughts kept coming into my mind saying, “What if this Rabbi is the Messiah?”

“What if I get punished for throwing the picture away?”

Eventually, after I had it with myself because I couldn’t snap out of it, I said, “Well, if he is the Messiah, he wouldn’t care.”

“He wouldn’t care that I threw his picture away.”

“He would care more about real problems, not about this freakin’ picture.”

Then I started thinking to myself, “What would the Messiah really care about?”

I think the Messiah would care more about how we treat our fellow Jews.

He would care about being a helping hand.

He would care about the environment, and about the poor cats who are freezing outside. 

I just really had to let this out because it was sort of bothering me. 

I’m going back to throwing more clutter away. 

See you later.

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