Sharon Klaff
Sharon Klaff

The Middle East played out in Westminster

The weekend of July 8th & 9th 2017 brought the Palestine Expo 2017- Generation Palestine to the Queen Elizabeth Centre in the heart of London’s Westminster, across the road from Westminster Abbey and down the road of the Houses of Parliament. This, despite all efforts to persuade the Government not to allow this expo to take place. Some might say, as they have, that free speech is the essence of our democratic society, so why would the government ban this event? On the face of it that seems right, but there are many issues that bubble beneath the surface that cannot be ignored. You can read our letter to Sajid Javid, the Minister in charge of the Queen Elizabeth ll Centre and to Theresa May, the Prime Minister here and the booklet about the 24 most toxic speakers here.

This Palestine expo, brought together under one roof, a government owned roof, both soft and hard-core Palestinianism as pedalled around the UK on a daily basis at schools, universities and in church halls. Organised by Friends of Al Aqsa (FOA) of ‘Hamas is not a terrorist organisation’ persuasion, with the Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) of which Jeremy Corbyn is a patron, the Boycott Divest Sanctions movement (BDS), Interpal (proscribed in the US), Islamic Human Rights Commission of the ‘Zionists are responsible for the Grenfell Tower fire’ notoriety, amongst other like organisations. This was the biggest gathering of extremist speakers, film makers, educators and propagandists in the entire western world and behind it lies a plethora of founders and members associated both directly and indirectly with extremist organisations like Iran proxies, Hamas and Hezbollah, that work toward the de-Judaisation of the Holy land.

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Sharon Klaff lives in London with her family where she is active in combating replacement ideology and antisemitism. She is a founder member of Campaign4Truth, the grassroots group established in 2009 and affiliated with Eye on Antisemitism monitoring anti-Semitism on social media.