The Miracle of Israel

The recent piece about Israel growing forests in the Negev, which gets 10 inches of annual rainfall, spotlights a miracle.

In July, many of us will celebrate the 40th anniversary of what I often call a modern Bible story: the miraculous hostage rescue at Entebbe.

Israel, despite many varied threats against her, including 24/7 in her own neighborhood, is a feared adversary, thanks to the miracle of the IDF.

Israel's deserts are blooming!
Israel’s deserts are blooming!

At a time when financial markets are shaky the world over, Israel’s economy is a miraculous success.

Miracles in our world today.

All these miracles listed above are Jewish, of course. The Jew-haters of the world hate this, of course, but they can’t argue against it.

It feels like our world is in short supply of miracles.

Israel has the lion’s share of them.

The Miracle on the Mediterranean was established on May 14, 1948. Almost 70 years on, the Jewish state survives and thrives in a world increasingly hunted by evil, such as the global jihad threat.

When my friend, Gary Frazier, suggested early in 2015 that we collaborate on a book about all this, including the Bible’s marvelous prophecies I said, “Boy, well…okay!”


What an easy answer.

The Miracle of Israel was born. It released last month, and we are already getting the kind of feedback we hoped for: Israel’s story is one to mull over. It is an example to consider as we navigate a world spinning out of control.

Israel is standing tall and strong.

Gary is one of the world’s very best Bible teachers, and his dozens of trips to Israel have given him a singular perspective: Israel is a model for the rest of us in almost every way. On the individual level, if you are up against it — your personal life is crumbling, or your professional life is a mess — we can look at the myriad ways God has preserved the Jewish people and brought them back to their ancestral land. Such a monumental historical fact is irrefutable proof that God is alive and engaged in the affairs of mankind.

And on a corporate level, the day is coming when the nations will no longer criticize Israel, lie about Israel, and seek to harm Israel. The day is coming when the nations will not only embrace Israel; they will seek after her.

In the book, we trace the basic history of the Jews. As Christians, Gary and I are very aware that Christians in America at least know next to nothing about the Bible. Isn’t that incredible? In today’s seeker-driven, mega-church moment, people sitting in the pews hear topical stuff—relationships, finances, child-rearing. They rarely actually hear the Bible being preached, which is what Paul exhorted us to do.

We also stuff the book with miracle stories: war victories, innovative breakthroughs, fulfilled prophecies.

It is the book I’ve wanted to write for many years. When someone asks me for a book to “explain” Israel, I’ve paused for several seconds and then named a title or two.

Now I have the perfect resource to suggest. And that’s not bragging, I can assure you.

It’s just a miracle.

About the Author
A researcher, writer, and speaker, Jim Fletcher has a degree in journalism and spent 15 years in the book publishing world. He is director of the Christian apologetics group Prophecy Matters, and is a member of the executive committee for the National Christian Leadership Conference for Israel (NCLCI).