The month of sustainability

Sustainable month
Sustainable month

Sustainability month is simply a time to stop, reflect and recognize all that is being done in the area of sustainability.  So, as Tel Aviv celebrates the month of sustainability, what better time to make mention of 2 downtown Tel Aviv based businesses that take sustainability and social activism to the next level. Introducing kite.pride and MOLET

Kite.pride is a social business that upcycles fabrics such as kitesurfing kites, parachutes, sails and wetsuits in order to provide rehabilitation employment to women and men exiting human trafficking. Their mantra is creating a #secondwindforkitesandpeople

Similar to kite.pride’s mantra, MOLET, a unique, sustainable and modern company has the vision to change the way we furnish our surroundings by recycling wood pallets – giving wood pallets a second life.

The process of upcycling fabric and wood is the perfect example of how to turn ones mans trash into another man’s treasure. Recycling and upcycling – what’s the difference? People are often confused with these two seemingly similar concepts. So, as to distill the confusion, I will elaborate on both concepts. Recycling is simply the process of converting waste materials into new materials and things. Upcycling is the process of reusing waste without destroying it in order to form something new. Upcycling is more energy efficient as recycling takes waste products, breaks them down, then forms them into something new.

Combatting waste

The process of upcycling serves as a direct way to combat waste and the ‘throw away’ culture that exists in today’s society. Plain and simple, through the process of upcycling, both kite.pride and MOLET are making a positive impact on the environment and the world that we live. Through upcycling, fabric and wood are saved from the landfill.

Well, don’t just read about it, do something about it.

Living more sustainably doesn’t have to be a huge effort. Through education and awareness, we can do our part to ensure we make the world we live in a more livable place. It’s as simple as Googling the brands you consume to see if they are eco-friendly. So….don’t just read about it, do something about it and get involved!

Check out all the events happening near and around you this month and join MOLET for a unique evening (Thursday 14th) at their studio and learn about how they operate and upcycle!

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