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The Moshav Country Fair – Chol Ha’Moed Pesach 5782

Wednesday. April 20th 2022 , Chol Ha Mo’ed Pesach! 5782, Gates Open At 12 Music Starts At 13:00 Till 21:00

This coming Wednesday Chol Hamoed of Pesach, the Carlebach Moshav in Mevo Modi’im will host its bi-annual Moshav Country Fair. The Fair one of the more popular activities for Chol Homoed, catering to families, kids and young adults and old timers who want to have a place to hang out – listen to great music, have a picnic, etc. There are activities for kids, a women’s tent with teachings & workshops, workshops on the environment and beautiful arts & crafts booths.

Live music on the main stage throughout the day.

A big lawn for family picnics.

Children’s area with activities, crafts, and performances, for no extra charge.

Women’s tent with Torah classes, female performers, workshops and more.

Handmade art fair, jewelry, ceramic dishes, paintings and more.

Holistic treatments, reflexology, crystals.

Tickets are selling fast – so, recommended to book Tickets

The official Fair Website

About the Moshav

Moshav Mevo Modiim was established in 1976 and has been involved in Jewish education and sustainable, natural living from its inception. Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach z”l was the spiritual leader of the Moshav and his teachings, music and spirit set the tone for all its educational initiatives. For nearly forty years, Mevo Modiim has been a magnet for tens of thousands of guests on Shabbat and holidays, major music festivals and country fairs. The Moshav is populated by a unique and diverse group of talented artists, musicians.

The Moshav suffered a terrible Fire on Lag Ba’Omer 3 years ago which destroyed most of the Houses. Together with Covid19 it has not been an easy time for the Moshav.  Come show  your support to Moshav and hear about the Moshav rebuild and expansion plans.


Full Program

Main stage!

13:oo Yerachmiel and Ruach HaKodesh

14:oo Dvir Spiegel


15:oo Chaim Dovid Saracik

16:oo The Solomon Brothers

17:oo Bini Landau

18:oo Nuriel

19:oo Yehudaי Katz V’hamaagal

20:oo Lazer Lloyd


Women Tent:

12.30 Rachael Rosenbaum- the singing harpist

13.30 Yenna Tzadaka: Miriam’s tambourinemandala flow

14.15 H A L L E L

14.35 Me’ira Ra’anan

15.00 Aviva Spiegel improvisations

15.45 Michal Shababo

16.15 Elana Brody

16.50 Chava Rachel Sabam & daughters

17.30 Tziona Achisheyna



12.30 singing circle with Debby Newman/storyteller

13.30 magic parachute

14.30 drum-circle

15.30 children parade

16.00 magic parachute

16.30 drum circle

17.30 children parade

18.00 singing lullaby circle

About the Author
Jeffrey is a CFO | Seeking a just world I Author -living in Jerusalem. He is a young grandfather who has five kids and seven grandchildren. Jeffrey is promoting a vision for a better and fairer world through and is the author of Upgrading ESG - How Business can thrive in the age of Sustainability