The Mossad Killed Yassir Arafat Part 1

In an extraordinary twist to the current controversy over the death of Yassir Arafat a former Mossad agent has stepped forward and revealed the truth about the operation that put Israel’s greatest foe in his grave and the Palestinian revenge that has placed Israel’s greatest warrior and former Prime Minister in a vegetative state.

The tale begins as far back as 1982 when Israeli army snipers were prevented from killing Yassir Arafat as he boarded the ship that would take him from Beirut to Tunis. Major Major was one of those snipers and was never able to forget or forgive the frustration that came from the high command refusing him authorization to pull the trigger. It wasn’t until over 20 years later that he finally got permission, as a member of the Mossad to “put things right”.

It was with the election of Ariel Sharon as Prime Minister that Major Major was able to finally take out Yasser Arafat. “Arik also suffered from regret at the fact that he could have put an end to Arafat in 1982 but held back on Begin’s instructions” he said. “But neither of us had a clue how Palestinian revenge would come back to haunt us.”

Major Major says that the only reason he has come forward now is because by mutual agreement both sides held back the truth about what had happened to their own leaders for fear of the scale of the public reaction on both sides. “If the public found out the extent to which our internal security had been breached by the Palestinians, especially considering the way Rabin was killed, we felt that there would be irresistible pressure from the public to launch an attack on the recently vacated Gaza as well as to totally retake the West Bank…and if I am being honest there was a massive reluctance on the part of the security services to admit to the scale of our own failure in protecting the Prime Minister.”

Major Major continues: “At the time we had just started to experiment with the use of radioactive isotopes as a form of assassination. We had already had some success with such materials (he refused to elaborate further) and had concluded that Polonium was the most effective way of killing someone without leaving behind a trace.”

As the condition of Arafat deteriorated it was only Major Major, the Prime Minister and 2 others who knew the real reason for his sudden illness.

“The idea was that as he grew weaker and weaker Arafat would come to realize that he might not live to see the State of Palestine come into existence and would therefore bring the 2nd Intifada to an end and come to terms with [Prime Minister] Sharon. Unfortunately he became delusional in his sickness and even more hardline, ultimately it was impossible to deal with him at all. The plan backfired and we were left with a weak and virtually leaderless PA which simply couldn’t deal with us at all.”

About the Author
Marc Goldberg is a copywriter and avid blogger, author of Beyond the Green Line the story of fighting through the al Aqsa Intifada in the IDF Paratroopers