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The Most Dangerous Man in America

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Frankly, there has been so much to write about lately that I have been overwhelmed by recent events, trying to isolate and freeze an issue that encapsulates and captures some of the broader themes running through the country.

In terms of the bizarre goings-on in America, the random and inexplicable mass shootings (although the same catastrophe that struck Odessa last week is repeated weekly in Chicago and is essentially not covered in the media), the unhinged policy commitments that are being made by the top 10 Democratic presidential hopefuls who hope to unseat Donald Trump, the dramatic stand off with China, a looming “deal” with the Taliban in Afghanistan, the soon-to-be-revealed coup to unseat a duly-elected President, it is hard to find a topic that crests above the collective noise.

But I have finally found one that rises above the noise that swirls unendingly in Washington and is largely ignored by the media.

Gavin Newsome, the Governor of California, has become the most dangerous man in America.

He is gorgeous, magnetic, charismatic and presents as great a peril to American republicanism as any figure in Washington who attracts far more press attention than he.

He is as blindly committed to far left-wing ideology as any current presidential candidate, he legislates by fiat, he presides over one of the wealthiest and feces-laden state in the Union, he openly defies the laws of the Federal government and governs a state, while blessed with an array of natural resources almost unmatched, that welcomes illegal immigrants with open arms, that often indulges in flights of environmental fantasy and taxes its residents at a rate that is driving them out of the state in record numbers.

He determines that the police forces in his state should be barred from cooperating with legitimate Federal law enforcement agencies to detain and deport people who have entered the country illegally with criminal records or those who have committed crimes against California citizens; he refuses to return funds granted to him by Federal authorities for environmental boondoggles, like his massively mismanaged high-speed railroad catastrophe because he claims the funds were assigned to California and cannot be recaptured.

But today he may have finally crossed the line into Left Wing Immortality by sitting quietly as the San Francisco Board of Supervisors labels the National Rifle Association as a “terrorist” organization.

No such designation exists for Hamas, Hizballah or the domestic Antifa faction.

California, to the best of my knowledge, has not branded the IRGC or the Quds Force a terrorist organization.

But, now, a non-profit organization that claims millions of Americans as members to advocate for their rights under the Second Amendment of the Constitution to own and bear arms for their own protection and to secure their liberty in the face of governmental force which might seek to confiscate their weapons in the interests of “public safety” is deemed a terrorist organization.

Gavin Newsome is, of course, the former Mayor of San Francisco who has deep roots in the city. Once one of the greatest of American cities and a destination of travelers both within and without the United States, this beautiful place has become a beacon to the homeless, the drug-infested, the street-dwelling culture that has taken root throughout the state.

The site of the murder of Kate Steinle on a pier in San Francisco by an illegal immigrant, deported on numerous occasions, returning to the United States because our laws or enforcement processes are woefully inadequate, claiming he found a gun accidentally that once belonged to a Federal agent and which discharged without his knowledge, is now free because of “faulty jury instructions” issued by the presiding judge.

This state is cancerous, defies the Supremacy Clause of the Constitution and stands in defiant opposition to the Union. It is a state in open rebellion, as much of the Southern States did before they seceded over the cause of slavery, because its Governor and state authorities do not believe in the sanctity of borders, orderly immigration and the protection of the rights of its tax-paying citizens over the sympathies and voting patterns of its illegal residents.

San Francisco now boasts a popular social media site, CrapApp, which enables local residents to notify city social services of places in which feces or needles are found on the city streets, so city employees dressed in Chernobyl-styled masks and hazard suits can clean up the targeted offenses.

And this isn’t restricted to Nancy Pelosi’s once beautiful district. Downtown Los Angeles is a wasteland of tent cities and disease. Santa Monica and Venice, always a popular and tolerant destinations for the desperate, have become dangerous magnets for the deranged. Ocean Avenue wrestles with upscale restaurants like Ivy’s At The Shore whose diners munch on Pacific Stone Crab and discuss studio pitches while blanket-clad zombies push shopping carts loom in front of the patio windows.

Like his chronically underperforming colleagues in New York, Illinois, New Jersey and Connecticut, Gavin Newsome is guided by powerful political ambitions. Supported enthusiastically by Silicon Valley allies, whose political persuasions had been thinly veiled by a desire to maintain their status as unregulated, common carriers, when, in actuality, they are clearly “content providers” subject to restrictions imposed upon all media companies, Gavin is clearly targeted a presidential run in 2024.

Trump will not be available for a third term (regrettably), Mike Pence is his heir apparent and, while more coherent intellectually than Joe Biden, his charisma appeal is fearfully similar.

The Democrats are likely to be spanked in 2020 by Trump as things look today, so the Democrat figures maneuvering themselves to challenge Trump in the upcoming election will be assessed as tarnished “losers” and unsupportable in 2024.

A new face will be needed. Handsome. Uber-progressive. Handsomely supported by the king makers in Hollywood and Silicon Valley who, by that time, will be moderately regulated or will be viewed like a New York Times or a Comcast/Universal/NBC. They may have acquired one or more of them by that time, a la Amazon’s acquisition of The Washington Post. Suffice it say, both power bases will be forces with which to be reckoned and they will be keenly interested in continuing to cultivate their control over the state over which they exert ever-increasing influence.

The obvious risk that Gavin is taking is that California will be a shadow of its current self by 2024. Wracked by some the most generous social welfare programs in the country, a commitment to provide free health care and other benefits to illegal immigrants, the gifting of “in-state” tuition benefits to illegal immigrants to universities like UC-Berkeley and UCLA when even Governor Moonbeam acknowledged that some of these benefits had to be offset with out-of-state attendees will gradually disappear.

Flight from California to more tax-advantaged states like Texas, Florida and North Carolina is already sapping intellectual and revenue upside from the state. The flight is likely to continue and accelerate. There are “mini” Silicon Valleys sprouting up in Austin and Raleigh. Apple will have its largest campus outside Cupertino in Austin in a few short years.

If no state income tax remains the status quo in Texas over the next four years, housing remains far more affordable than anything available in the Bay Area and wages do not have to keep pace with what will be inevitable increases in state taxation to maintain the benefits of the maturing welfare state to maintain the attractive quality of life for cheap, illegal labor, how long can the currency of California remain stable?

Those companies, despite their obvious political sympathies, are generally public, have stockholders, and demand performance from their grossly-overcompensated executives.

Will Gavin be able to make his run in 2024 on the back of a supportable, stable social justice platform?

He may be beautiful now, but he’ll be putting lipstick on a pig by the time the curtains open. He’ll be presiding over a failed state, disintegrating from the inside out, his Hollywood and Silicon Valley buds having long since hightailed out of there.

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