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The Most Important Sentence in the Bible/Torah

Rioters taking down statues all over America. (Source: NBC News)
Historical statues coming down all over the place. Is it moral, ethical or the right thing to do? As usual, the Bible/Torah gives us the ONLY correct answer.
Just check out Genesis 6:9, where it says that, “Noah was a righteous man in his generation.” Everyone who learns the Old Testament knows that one of its founding principles, is that there is not even one excessive word in all 5 Books of Moses. So why were the excessive words, “in his generation” added? Why not just say, “Noah was a righteous man.”
The answer is that we can only judge a human being by what was moral and going on during his or her lifetime. Noah may not have been such a good guy. However, compared to the behavior of others during the time Noah actually lived, he was a righteous man compared to others “of his generation.” We must judge people exclusively by the times in which they lived.
It is almost certain that in 50-100 years, when electronic robots will do everything from cleaning our homes to washing our cars, that people will look back on 2021 and say how immoral we all were because we were paying mostly minorities and immigrants to do such menial “slave” labor as clean our homes or cook for us. To look at America’s Founding Fathers as merely slave owners is truly a “Chillul Hashem,” a desecration of God’s name.
Washington and Jefferson certainly had slaves, whom according to historical records, they treated fairly well. These Founders also established the freest country in the history of the world. Without Christopher Columbus whose statues are also at risk, most American Blacks would still be a part of primitive tribes or poor circumstances in Africa. All Americans, black, brown and white owe a debt of gratitude to Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses Grant and the hundreds of other heroes carved in stone. Yet today’s inappreciative spoiled youth do not understand history and certainly do not look to the Bible for answers.
Many have been brainwashed by their leftist college professors to believe in another Jewish bible, this one an absolute fake, written by the grandson of two Orthodox Rabbis–Karl Marx’s “Communist Manifesto.” A belief in this rampant socialism has led to riots, looting, burning of businesses and private property, along with many millions of deaths throughout history.
Slavery was certainly a blight on the American past, but America has corrected that system better than any other country in history. To suggest that America is a racist country is an outrageous, bald faced lie. But these are the same people who call Israel racist, when Israel is the only nation in history to bring Blacks (Ethiopians) out of slavery and into freedom. And it was these Ethiopian Jews who prove that Adolf Hitler was an ignoramus and liar, because Hitler called the Jews a race. How could Jews possibly be a race when there are Black Jews and White Jews?
Calling Jews a race is like calling the Republican or Likud Parties a race. Anything that any race can join, such as convert to Judaism, cannot possibly be race. Here is a person, Adolf Hitler, whose entire Weltanschauung—world view— was based on race, and he did not even understand the definition of his obsession. What an evil putz!!!
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Irwin N. Graulich is a "serious Jew." He was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, a child of Holocaust survivors. Mr. Graulich attended both public school and yeshiva, and has been writing and speaking about Jewish life since he was 16. He has written for many publications and web sites world wide. Irwin's unique eloquence and passion for Judaism have made him a much sought after speaker and writer. Some fascinating topics he has recently addressed include Why Be Jewish?, Where Was God During The Holocaust?, The Case For God's Existence, The Real Reason For Anti-Semitism, Lessons of The Holocaust, The Importance of Israel To The World, The Mitzvah To Hate, The Secrets of Shabbat and Kashrut, and many other subjects. In addition to lecturing in hundreds of synagogues, Mr. Graulich has been a guest speaker for Zionist Organization of America, Amit Women, UJA, Bnai Brith and ORT, as well as for many secular and non-Jewish organizations. Mr. Graulich considers himself a multi-denominational Jew and is a member of 6 shuls--Orthodox, Conservative and Reform. His wife, Dr. Penny Resnick Graulich, a pediatric dentist, is also the daughter of Holocaust survivors. They have 3 children, all of whom attended Jewish day schools in Westchester. Irwin N. Graulich is President of Bloch Graulich Whelan Inc., a leading marketing, branding and communications firm in New York City.
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