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The Most Prominent Business Schools in Israel: Where To Start Your Career?

Not the first place you would think of to take an MBA, Israel is blessed with some excellent programs
View of the Hebrew University on Mount Scopus seen from Jerusalem's Old City, on June 10, 2015. (Hadas Parush/Flash90)
View of the Hebrew University on Mount Scopus seen from Jerusalem's Old City, on June 10, 2015. (Hadas Parush/Flash90)

For many reasons, students worldwide have chosen Israel to obtain their graduate education leading to an MBA. They say it’s a genuinely one of a kind experience both professionally and personally. Some come for the historical significance, political, religious, and culture and they enjoy the art, music, cuisine, and cultural settings.  Even through the conflict and tension in Israel, they see a beauty of a country with its exceptional academic institutions.  It provides an environment that leads to the development and growth in their personal and professional lives.

When students are pursuing an MBA here, their curriculum will focus on strategic and critical thinking which enables them, first to analyze a problem and then to solve it efficiently.  The MBA students will have an opportunity to focus their career interest in a specific area.  It could be management, finance, research and development, marketing, human resources or information systems.  The experts at the faculty enable the students to learn through the institution’s outstanding facilities using advanced methods.

The Universities offering MBA courses in Israel are rated according to a system using “palms” which are similar to star ratings.  The highest rating is 5 Palms of which there is only one of these in the country.  There are four others boasting a 4 Palms rating.

5 Palms Rating

Sofaer International MBA -Tel Aviv University

IMBA TAUi Webphoto 2014_15 (1)

Students can learn the start-up culture of Tel Aviv, create their own venture, or be a leader in a corporation that’s multinational by using advanced processes.   Sofaer International MBA will provide the students with the network, career support, practical experience, and the tools to accomplish their goals quickly.

Tel Aviv University features a one-year program for an international MBA program. Students learn working environments and global business management.  They can participate in an Israeli start-up in an international program.  There are also practical workshops, study tours, and theoretical studies they can attend.

4 Palms Rating

Jerusalem School of Business Administration Hebrew University of Jerusalem

This University is rated at #53 in the world and maintains its ties with the leading universities in Asia, North America, and Europe for their student exchange program.  The School of Business Administration, at the Hebrew University, is Israel’s oldest and some of its alumni are Israel’s most prominent senior government officials, academics, entrepreneurs, and business executives.  The Hebrew University of Jerusalem features a one-year MBA in Entrepreneurship and Innovation.  They also offer a program during the summer months.

  • The Azrieli Start UP MBA – This is a program that is unique in that it offers classes in technology management, innovation, and entrepreneurship to earn students their professional graduate degree in business administration.
  • The MBA – This curriculum offers courses that are the foundations to develop the students’ expertise in functional areas of management. There are also the essential courses in entrepreneurship specialization and frameworks that are integrative.  They’ll learn how to manage technology, innovation, and advanced courses that will extend their specialization while placing emphasis on practical applications.
  • Executive MBA – The students in this program are offered hands-on managing training that will put them one step ahead to realizing their full potential. They show students how to be flexible in keeping work, education, and life in harmony.
  • The International MBA in Entrepreneurship and Innovation – This is for a limited amount of students who already have the skills and knowledge to adapt successfully to the ever emerging trends in business. They acquire the right tools needed to create products and services suitable for the worldwide market.

3 Palms Rating


  1. Honors MBA – Ben-Gurion University of the Negev Bgu

This is an English language MBA program where both the faculty and the students come from around the world.  This is an educational experience that’s unique and caters to less than 35 students per class.   The program is for one year and teaches the principles of marketing, entrepreneurship, and finance.

  1. The Graduate School of Business Administration – Bar-Ilan University

They offer both MBA and Ph.D. programs in strategy, finance, information systems and technologies, organizational behaviors, and marketing.  The University also offers an International and Executive expanded programs.

Bar Ilan University also offers their one-year program focusing on the world of international business.  There are also elective courses in the European, China, and the Far East markets and the economy of the Middle East.  Bar IIan University was the first to offer an MBA program in English.


  1. University of Haifa – International School

Students will profit from the opportunity to study in Israel, a country that is widely viewed as a center of high-tech businesses, innovation, and start-ups. Also, they will gain value beyond the classroom by networking with faculty and exploring the Israeli business center.  The University of Haifa has three MBA programs being taught in English – Risk Management and Insurance, Global Green, and International Executive.

  • Global Green MBA

This program is geared more towards younger graduates who may be interested in an MBA in business that focuses on the issues of the sustainability of the environment which are challenging.  All international exchange students receive career advice and individual attention to help them adjust, access essential services, and obtain information.

  • International MBA

These students are provided with the necessary skills and knowledge to assist them in their careers.  They are taught to become excellent managers in a competitive and complex environment which is increasingly dynamic.  This International MBA does have a vision that’s global while emphasizing on those who want to do business in Japan, India, and China.

  • Technion

This two-year course will focus on intensive technology corporations and manage knowledge-intensive.  The program also includes internships with field trips to international and Israeli companies.

In closing

Going through an MBA program in Israel is a life-changing experience as students are exposed to applications of the real world and worldwide perspectives.  These will allow them to excel in the complications of today’s evolving and demanding global business.  They also learn the spirit of entrepreneurship and how their strength, combined with a sound academic base, can turn their creative ideas into a new business reality.



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