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The Most Radical Step the Left Can Take to Wipe Out the alt-Right

The recent murder of Heather Heyer in a white supremacist rally is a serious wake up call. This tragedy has established a new standard for protests. Once upon a time the body count at a rally meant how many people showed up, and how many people heard the message. Now, bodies are counted in numbers maimed and murdered.

People with knives, guns, automatic rifles, even flamethrowers show up thirsty for blood. They get their fill.

The Left has a Secret Weapon

My good friend was a wildly successful Wall Street trader. She took part in a daily betting pool with around 20 other traders. They would put $5 in the pot and bet on the closing number for the Dow Jones that day. She won once a month.

Then she came up with an idea. She secretly partnered with a friend. She would bet on the number closest to his without any other trader betting in between them. If the real close fell between their numbers, one of them would win and they would split the pot.

Even though she only won half the pot, she won more often and made good money. When the traders found out they accused her of being greedy. Her reply: you’re the greedy ones. You wanted it all for yourself. If it occurred to you to share a little, you could have won half the time too.

Yes, We Can! “Share the Wealth” and Diffuse the Right

According to the popular vote of the last election, the right wing in America represents at least 46% of the national opinion. That’s over 62 million adults! Yet, their point of view gets less than a tenth of that in positive press in the mainstream media. The leader they elected has been de-legitimized. With every opinion piece and news analysis, they are force fed the horror that it’s only a matter of time before he is removed from office.

It makes the right feel helpless. That’s what is turning up the volume of their anger.

There are never positive commentaries on Trump, or uplifting stories about good people who just happen to be Republican. When Barrack Obama was elected, the right accepted the legitimate results of a free election.

The double standard against Mr. Obama’s successor is infuriating them. This antagonism amplifies the voice of white supremacists, and Neo-Nazis, who represent a mere quarter of one percent of the population. Both left and right know that these people are sick, but to many on the right, they find no other place to vent their feeling of helplessness.

In 1919, the treaty of Versailles took everything from Germany. To pay for war reparations, they printed money. The resulting hyperinflation of 1921-23 wiped out the entire German middle class. Then the depression hit.

Europe didn’t give anything to Germany. There was no release valve to the helplessness imposed upon the entire population. That was the state of the people when a failed artist and worthless corporal began to channel that national hopelessness into political rage.

The rest is tragedy.

Throughout the 1920s, the Nazi party never commanded more than single digits in an election. After the Great Depression began, they won almost 40% of the popular vote.

It wasn’t the 3% of Germans who were Nazis at the core. It was the rest of the nation that became enraged to the point of choosing the unthinkable.

Could it happen again? Can we put a stop to it?

The Israeli Solution

Hanin Zoabi is an Israeli Arab Knesset member. Every couple of years she demonizes Israel with her hateful rhetoric. She defends terrorists, and glorifies atrocity.

Why do we let her get away with it? Why is she still a member of the Israeli legislature?

Because we know the Arabs in Israel feel politically helpless, and they need a release from time to time. Arab Israelis see themselves as trapped under a Jewish rule they don’t want.

Instead of waiting for them to turn their rage in violence, we let Zoabi scream. To the Arabs, the sight of a small woman cursing the Jewish People makes them feel empowered. It satisfies them enough to wake up the next morning and go to work.

We “give up half,” but wind up winning. Arab Israelis do not pose the terror threat that other Arab populations do.

Is there something the American left can learn from this?

CNN Presents: Rush Limbaugh

The media has the power to do what Secretary of State Hillary Clinton did in her final phone call on election night: legitimize Donald Trump as the American President. They can present news pieces presenting him in a positive and productive manner. They can hire right wing personalities to host news shows with their own slant.

The Washington Post and the New York Times can include right wing journalists to produce columns alongside their left-leaning colleagues.

It may sound counter-intuitive, but it gives the masses on the right a chance to breathe easy and continue “their struggle” to fight liberals on Facebook.

A quarter of a percent of morons will still carry knives on their way to hate rallies, but the 40% they are trying to ensnare will be happy to have their peaceful country back and feel validated enough to join the rest of us in finding their jeers repulsive, and not representing the things they honestly want.

A few bold steps forward by the left just might bring the American people one huge leap back from the abyss.

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