The Music of The Angels


A Poem For Peace


Beneath this volcanic inferno named hell,

Shackled to the very center of its flame;

Angels gather with hindered wings,

A tsunami brews in Satan’s name.


Evil never rests,

A bubbling plague in motion;

Angel’s voices are softly fading,

The devil brews his potion.


Little boys are murdered,

Children are dismembered;

Bloody knives and concubines,

Living ghosts remembered.


Fading into the facade;

The apathetic point their knife,

A bloodbath of heinous laughter–

Jerusalem breathing for her life.


Delirious with fury,

Through the rings and rungs of hell,

The shriek amid the gunfire;

Shaking jaws whisper Shema Yisroel.


Dark shadows peek,

Hidden beneath the ferns;

Animals drawing prey,

And still the fire burns.


Death carries a tune,

The end awaits; it sings.

Lurking ever close,

Its deep falsetto screams.


Heroes are held captive,

Babies purely slain;

Massacred by monsters,

Holocaust does not wane.


Mistaken for possessing beating hearts;

Danger survives the block.

Dusk and dawn don’t bring new hope,

Tomorrow’s already gone.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


For the child’s legacy,

The angels delicately beseech.

For the faith ablaze, a merciful daze,

That seems so out of reach.


And then…


From upon the haunting silence;

The angels break free for arrival.

Comfort to begin our own revenge,

Hatikva, our constant survival.


Hell is alive;

A relentless battle within and overhead—

But when the war is over,

It is always what is dead.


Flecks of gold come to life,

Swirls of glitter rise;

Today the angels fly,

Fly angels, fly.


About the Author
Mimi Minsky was born in Canada, raised in Miami, married in Brooklyn, and two years ago she traded in the hustle of the city life for tame Suburban life in Connecticut. She has known she was a writer from the moment she composed an epic poem about a lone whale in the third grade. A magazine columnist and expert copywriter, she writes about everything from real estate to fashion. She is addicted to her family, coffee, and words.