The New Europe, Zionism and Israel

Paris attacks supply us with the latest example of how different Europe has become in the last few decades. There are those who call it the Muslim invasion, others may use less pointed definitions, but the prevailing sense is, that the change in the old world is very profound. It is the creation of a new type of state, while the old one is in the verge of disappearance.

The classic, old type of nation state is fast becoming a matter of the past, not yet totally extinct,fighting its last, apparently losing battle, and at the same time, the new supra-national, multi-cultural state is emerging. This is the REAL impact of the massive demographic change in many West and Central European states, and it has already profound significance about Israel’s standing in the continent,not also from the diplomatic perspective, but also with regard to the validity of the Zionist nature of Israel.

The changes are much less significant in Eastern Europe, in the former Soviet empire, as well as in Russia itself. That too, has interesting implications about Israel, though will not be discussed in this piece. France, Britain, Belgium, Holland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, as well as other states, are no more the nation states they used to be. Germany and Austria are on their way to join this list, if not already there. These states, though to varying degrees, are no more the classic Christian, Western style states, based on the supremacy and domination of one ethnic group, something which expressed itself both culturally and politically. It is not so, because the numbers of Muslim immigrants are such, that they already today constitute a majority, or near majority.

It is not about numbers, as it is about two other yardsticks. First, it is the built-in refusal of the bulk of the new Muslim communities to integrate into the existing states as part of society. This is NOT the type of immigration which built the US, as well as that which created some of the modern -day states in South America. This is another model of immigration, whereby the combination of numbers and depth of religious and cultural differences, create a sub-culture, which is fast developing into a sub-state situation. But then, there is also the reaction in many European countries to this not so new phenomenon. This is the overriding dominance of political correctness coupled with [probably these are the two sides of the same coin] the prevailing Liberal notions of multi-culturalism, which are also highly influential even in today’s Conservative Britain. Time for some American Conservatives to understand, that their brand of conservatism may be Tatcherite, but not that of David Cameron.

Be it as it may, the fact is, that Europe is changing, the trend seems irreversible, and current or future terrorism outrages may slow it down, but not fundamentally change it. In the not too distant future,more than one European Capital will have a Muslim majority. My bet is Brussels, where today Muslims constitute over 25% of the population. All the above has nothing to do with any form of Islamophobia, not me!, just a statement of facts.I am aware of the existence of the Le Pens of Europe, the Flemish Bloc, UKIP, and others of the kind. Am not their fan, to say the very least, but this is where Israel starts to get into the picture.

I, for one, DO NOT rule out every Right Wing nativist European party, and in previous blogs tried to sift through them and find out those who are not having any record of anti-Semitism, as well as are not collectively anti Muslim. Hard, if not almost impossible task… At any rate, the new European Right Wing is fighting a losing battle. What will President Le pen [God Forbid!] do? Deport millions of French citizens? Not in her life time. May be, just slow down the rate of Muslim immigration.

There are other implications about Zionism and Israel. First, and most importantly, the sense of many European Jews, that they
are unwelcome anymore in the continent of the old Crusaders and more recent that of the Nazis. Emancipation did not work, assimilation decimated our people, but not completely, the Holocaust almost did it, but thankfully not totally, the Christian-Oriented Liberal nation-state did not also provide a solution to the Jews who wanted and still want to maintain their distinct identity, and surely the new West European state is unfriendly to the Jews. But there is a solution, there is Israel,and this is the victory of Zionism, the one IZM which survived the upheavals of the last century, being still as valid as ever.

Zionism however, is NOT in ideological tune with the prevailing Liberal European and also American thought. Zionism is National
Liberation Movement, and in Liberal mind, only Third World National movements are legitimate, and Zionism is not Third World National Movement. Zionism is not kosher therefore, and while Israel is maintaining, hopefully will continue to maintain its distinct national identity, in countries where such identity is becoming an idea of the past, Zionism will continue to be rejected, vilified and boycotted, regardless of how democratic Israel is, regardless of Jewish history,particularly in Europe, and its lessons.

Europe will not react to the changing demographic, cultural and political changes, by turning pro-Israel. Perhaps the opposite will happen, but in 10-15 years, when a million more Jews will finally be back in their historic homeland, what Europe thinks and/ or does about Israel will much less matter .

About the Author
Dr Josef Olmert, a Middle East expert, is currently an adjunct professor at the University of South Carolina