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The Next Big Brand May Have Its Logo Designed by Israel’s Tailor Brands

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are hot button topics. Companies are working to automate everything, from automobiles to cooking. Soon, I expect the world to be a completely different place. It’s like stepping into a futuristic cartoon where anything is possible.

I’ve walked into supermarkets and saw only two lanes open, while self-checkout lanes were filled with people.

The human element is being removed by machines, and whether or not I like it, machines are going to be controlling many aspects of the business world.

And Israel’s Tailor Brands is doing just that: disrupting the graphics design industry.

I must admit, I personally like the human element in the design process. I might be a little old-school, but it makes sense to have human elements and energy put into a company’s design. Branding is about reaching humans.

But it seems I am wrong.

Tailor Brands offers something that the human element can’t: speed. Enter the business’s name, put a few answers to questions in the field and in less than a minute, a logo is produced. All of this is done for $3.

Brands, and marketing teams, that have tried Tailor Brands often praise the logos that are created in seconds. Yet, these very brands also prefer their logos and branding because there was a lot of time, money and analytical approaches put into the design.

Automated branding doesn’t meet these same needs, but it does allow small businesses without massive marketing budgets to be able to have their own branding done for a fraction of the cost.

Israel’s startup community that is often bootstrapped is the perfect candidate for automated logo design and branding.

Tailor Brands has worked on 2 million logos, and the company only charges customers when they approve a logo. The company’s idea that not every plumber should have a wrench in their logo is taking businesses back. Questions linger over whether or not two businesses may have the same logo created through automation, and the company claims it’s possible.

Tens of millions of variables go into each logo.

Automation is taking the world by storm, and with Israel’s Tailor Brands, the company hopes to pave the way for a world of automated branding. Tailor Brands was started in New York, but the company has since relocated their headquarters to Israel.

Israel’s startups have started to boom, with $5.24 billion raised from investors in 2017. Artificial intelligence attracted $1.1 billion in investments, Israeli startups are contributing to advancements in every field from marketing to fintech, technology to automotive, enterprise to healthcare and even AI-generated logos.

The trend is likely to keep increasing, with more of the world’s tasks being taken on by computers, machine learning and even artificial intelligence.

Israel remains as one of the top 10 hubs leading the AI revolution. The United States holds a firm lead with 2,905 AI companies in 2017, followed by China with 709. Israel ranks 9th on the list with 173 AI companies. Tel Aviv’s Habima Square has the highest concentration of AI startups in Israel.

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