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The next step in the peace process: to teach the Arab populations why and how to befriend the Jews

While PA President Machmud Abbas now vows that his anger and defiance of the US is only the beginning, it actually is the end of it. The bully that frustrated 120 years of negotiation with the Zionist: Arab Jew hatred, is being reigned in.

Zionist have been forced to compromise for 120 years and this coffer is empty. It’s time for the anti-Zionist to be disciplined.

First step: Jerusalem is the eternal indivisible Capital of Israel. Get used to it. Soon the PA will get no money from the US anymore as long as it keeps supporting terrorism.

Then the PA will seek financial support from other Arab leaders. However, most of them are tired of the conflict. They smell that more profit can be made from peace and alliance with Israel than from war with it. They will drop the quarrelsome PA.

Then the PA will seek support from El Qaida, ISIS and the like, at which point they will be all put out of power and into jail. Europe, the cradle of Nazism, will still try to protest, but in the end, when confronted, will bend its head in shame deeply and be silent.

Time will have come to establish Arab Palestinian leaders willing to work for the good of the Palestinian Arab people, and not just for themselves and against the Jews.

All nice and well, but there are two problems that prevent the above scenario: Arab anti-Semitism and Palestinian Arab anti-Semitism. (For those who like to play semantics, saying that Arabs are Semites too, well, anti-Semitism means hatred for Jews; much like Sexism cannot mean the oppression of men although they are a sex too.)

The wider Arab leadership cannot really make peace with Israel as long as their populations suffer from rabid anti-Semitism.

Take Egypt, with a leader not hostile to Israel at all, but he can’t say a good word about Jews or he’ll be lynched. The situation is not much better in Jordan, except for that the king there is an anti-Semite – which will not be a problem as he’s already a negligible minority among Arab leaders. The other Arab leaders also reign countries where the populations hate Jews like they hate no one else. More vividly than Germans under the Nazis! This must stop.

The Muslim world needs to start educating its masses about the holiness of Jews, about the special place Jews occupy in history, at the present and for the future. They need to learn how the Christian world on the whole superficially has made peace with the Jews, and the best Muslims can do is compete with them who’s going to be the best friend of the Jews.

Impossible? There will always be anti-Semitism? There will always be war? There will always be hunger? There will always be infectious disease? There will always be cancer? There will always be fatal diseases of heart and head? There will always been death?

What to answer? This: Progress has never come from following such ideas or leaders who are defeatists.

It takes longer when we don’t get started.

Muslims do not need to love Jews; respect will do. Once they meet us, the love will come.

It must become well-known how much the Jews have given the world and that the worst kind of atheism is a lack of gratitude! G-d is very displeased with anti-Semitism.

Lastly, so many Jews are so happy to be naive and believe that all people are of good will already. However, we need to keep in mind that the tide has not turned yet. We cannot give up on being watchful, just because some nice ideas are floating around. Gentiles the world over need to start unlearning Jew hatred and begin developing and delivering care for us. Once they are our friends en masse (individuals and individual Nations are our friends already), then we can and will relax.

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