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The obscenity of South Africa’s genocide claims against Israel.

Debating on whether to address South Africa’s genocide claim against Israel was difficult because at this point nobody should be remotely surprised. The wave of blatant anti-Israel and pro terrorist demonstrations in recent months in major South African cities should have given us an inkling of what was coming next. The moronic arguments by South Africa’s “team” who include none other than former UK prime minister Jeremy Corybn, the poster child of antisemitism, should be taken with as much validity as the UN’s claim to impartiality.

According to Dov Fisher of The American Spectator (January 13,2024), Jews are not exactly foreign to persecution and eviction. They have been thrown out of more countries than drunks from bars in Texas. Through the centuries, Jews contributed to every society they lived in, but eventually they were either expelled or persecuted. As Dov eloquently put it: “we arrive, we contribute, and we get traded in”. A tongue in cheek almost humorous assessment of a world that for some idiotic or mental deficiency systematically hates Jews.

Britain expelled all Jews in 1290 and their return did not materialize until 1648. An antidotal story was revealed by Dov Fisher. It seems that when Henry VIII had his little tiff with Rome and the Pope, he was looking for any loophole that would accentuate his request for annulment from Catherine of Aragon.  Henry went in search of a Rabbi in the hope that a Rabbi would be instrumental in “translating” Leviticus and Deuteronomy through the torah and eventually find the proverbial grey area in the fine print. Unfortunate for Henry, there were no Jews let alone rabbis. A genuine Oy Vey moment.

Since we’re on the subject, some more perspective on contributions Jews have made to our world and our lives. Since 1966, Jews won 22% of Nobel prices in science. Also, since 1966, Israelis won 13 Nobel prices, more per capita than Germany, the US, and France. More in numbers than India, China, and Spain. A country with only 0.2% of the population contributes more to the world of science and technology than world superpowers. Israel ranks eighth in the topmost technologically advanced countries in the world. Yet, it is the most globally persecuted and defamed.  As we speak, millions want it to disappear from the face of the earth. Dangerously moronic.

Antisemitism is an illness that affects the logical and reasoning aspect of the brain. This is my explanation. I figured it out in the past few years when I started noticing the gradual mental disorders of those who underhandedly throw in antisemite euphuisms in conversations or arguments. Seemingly intelligent intellectuals become politely unhinged when I mention Israel or Jews. Why do you care so much? An inadvertent question they hope would leave me stammering in an incredulous non-answer supporting their sense of intellectual biased security. They salivate in earnest waiting for the “aha…gotcha moment” which never materializes. Instead, I give them a lesson in historical, archeological, and geopolitical facts on Israel and Jews. An unfortunate exercise in futility for some because they would rather follow the tribe and its narrative, its more convenient. A very disconcerting fact that led to the morally depraved behavior and antisemitism of indoctrinated Ivy League students on billion-dollar endorsed campuses, led by equally ineffectual mindless morons disguised as deans and presidents. So, proverbial antisemites they remain.

South Africa is not new to antisemitism. Desmond Tutu who was lauded as the South African Mahatma Ghandi and Martin Luther King rolled into one, was an avid outspoken anti-Israel provocateur. He continually accused Israel of “apartheid” and went as far as to equate the death of Jesus with the plight of the Palestinians. An ignorant idea at best, seeing that Jesus was born a Jew in Judea and Samaria and died as a Jew. Despite the overwhelming Jewish support against the apartheid government in South Africa, public figures like Desmond Tutu not only evoked anti-Israel hatred but in 2002 an article in The Guardian (Apartheid in the Holy Land), quoted him as saying that Israel justifies its existence by “…what it did to other people…” meaning Palestinians. Inferring that Israel only exists because it got rid of Palestinians. Hence the “genocide” narrative. Desmond Tutu was never one for facts, and one must also note that The Guardian is not one for unbiased truth in journalism either. It is the most antisemite media publication second only to the BBC.

The Jews in South Africa supported the anti-apartheid movement at their own detriment. Many were imprisoned demonstrating against the apartheid government as it kept the black population in demeaning racial conditions. Jewish leaders like Helen Suzman one of the most anti-apartheid parliamentarian, and Jewish lawyers for black rights and against anti-discrimination risked life and reputation helping those fighting apartheid. One Jewish lawyer Israel Maisels went against the apartheid government’s prosecutors most of whom were open Nazi sympathizers. Jews made up the highest proportional number of whites fighting the apartheid government and getting arrested. A notable fact: it was Mandela’s Jewish lawyers who stood by him in his fight for freedom.  When he was released, he openly took photo ops with Yasser Arafat supporting the PLO a recognized terrorist organization.

The idea of South Africa being self-righteous is nauseating. South Africa wallows in crime and poverty. According to a November 2022 article by none other than Al Jazeera, 7,000 murders were reported in the space of three months, with a large proportion of victims being women. In the same time frame, 13,000 women were victims of assault. South Africa is the 7th most crime infested country in the world. Not much of a morally upright record.

South Africa run by Cyril Ramaphosa is facing internal political upheaval. A poor economy and lack of efficient infrastructure has compelled load shedding, leaving large swaths of urbana areas without energy for hours at a time. Julius Malema, the leader of the Marxist Economic Freedom Fighter party, is demanding early elections from Ramaphosa accusing the latter of poor leadership and referring to cuts in electricity preventing students from studying for their exams as an example. Both men are toxic. Both have openly stated their support for Hamas, and their anti-Israel rhetoric resulted in a serious and dangerous rise in antisemitism and personal danger to the 50 or so thousand Jews that live in South Africa. The attempt at going after Israel is a distraction from the country’s troubles and the upcoming elections that have Malema leading and Ramaphosa possibly losing his job. Not a good combination and not good news for moderates, Jews, or Christians living there.

Both Malema and Ramaphosa have been courting Iran. As South Africa Chief Rabbie Warren Goldstein so eloquently put it: “South Africa is Iran’s useful idiot”.  An implication that Iran is using South Africa as its proxy in an attempt to gain strategic footprint in South Africa through Hamas and other terrorist groups it sponsors. Hamas is officially recognized in South Africa as a legitimate organization with full privileges including offices and representatives. On December 5, 2023, during the 10th anniversary of Mandela’s death, a Hamas “delegation” joined Mandela’s grandson, Mandla, in marching through Pretoria. Mandla does not shy away from his antisemitism either. He has been seen in pro Palestinian protests donning the keffiyeh only a few days after the massacres on 10/7.

Between 2014-2020, 4.5 billion dollars in world treasure was funded to Gaza and the West Bank through the UN and EU. The US alone provided 8 billion of my tax dollars toward the Palestinian region. This does not include all the billions that have been funneled to the region since 1947 under the umbrella of “refugee” status. It should make one wonder how the billions spent on “Palestinians” who still live in squalor have never been accounted for or at least investigated. Gazans should have been living in luxury not poverty. Although it is common knowledge that Hamas amassed donated wealth, the world remains in self-afflicted denial. Not a peep from the UN or for that matter its puppet court, the International Court of Justice (ICJ). As Hamas gathered rockets and hardware to launch against Israel, Israel was expected to foot the bill for water and electricity to Palestinians. I would like to see another country committing such “genocide” generosity.

While the ICJ pretends to be doing justifiable righteousness, in Yemen, Houthis, who control most of Yemen, have left 28.4 million people without food, water, and medical assistance. Basically, they are left to die. Obviously, neither South Africa nor the global community are bothered too much about this “genocide”. In the meantime, Israel has provided approximately 11,000 metric tons of medical supplies to Gaza, together with 78,870 metric tons of food, 17,260 metric tons of water, and 16,210 metric tons of shelter equipment. I wonder what South Africa has provided to assist Gazans.

Since the Hamas pogroms on 10/7, neither Ramaphosa nor Malema have yet to acknowledge the 10/7 murders. On the contrary, their pro-Palestinian protests overflowed with deniers and Jew haters calling for the destruction of Israel and Jews. When South Africans call for the death of Jews, “genocide” seems to conveniently lose its definition. An interesting fact: many of those killed by Hamas in the kibbutzim were Israeli pacifists known for transporting sick Gazan children and their families to Israel for free treatment. A notable point of interest again conveniently omitted from any narrative against Israel.

Hatred of Jews is not instantaneous.  Antisemites do not wear a badge. They ease their way into society through politics, education, and business. As we have been witnessing for the past three months, the switch was turned on three months ago, and antisemitism could not be suppressed any longer. Antisemitism became an acceptable opinion. South Africa’s antisemitism was to some extent confined within its borders and 10/7 set it free. Idiots like Ramaphosa are emboldened by the likes of Iran because they are validated as relevant.

Slowly and surely, the Middle East is easing toward a regional war that started intentionally on 10/7 by Hamas through the generosity of Iran, the support of Hezbollah, and now the Houthis. South Africa is dumb enough to remain an Iranian pawn. Iran would love nothing more than securing the shipping between the Indian and Atlantic oceans through South Africa. A prospect that the western world should already be nervously thinking about. If Iran is allowed to use South Africa as a proxy for terrorism, it can cut off main distribution arteries and destroy western economies.  Israel’s war with Hamas gets in the way. The ICJ claim against Israel might have been perpetrated by South Africa, but Iran wrote the script.

South Africa cannot be allowed to be the proxy village idiot of Iran and every terrorist militant group in the world. This claim against Israel is not only unfounded but morally bankrupt. This is also proof how organizations like the UN and its affiliates have lost all sense of reality and relevancy. We don’t need the ICJ to make a decision on such an obscene claim. “The Antisemitism of South Africa Should Not Surprise – Hatred of Jews there is so illogical it makes perfect sense.”  (Dov Fisher. January 13, 2024).

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