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The old anti-Jewish scent from an ex-Trump aid calling Israel’s leader dishonest

Remember this recent report on how Bernie Sanders had made millions by an intellectual publication regularly accused of singling out Jews? To a casual view, nothing seems wrong with such an article. Until you realize that from the dozens of Democratic candidates for 2020, only a Jew’s capital is scrutinized here. And also, they failed to mention his legendary honesty, integrity, and decency. They have made some amends since.

The next and new case is worse. A certain Trump’s former Secretary of State has come out stating he was pained that information Netanyahu gave Trump was on several occasions tilted toward Israel’s advantage.

He was ‘especially’ saddened that Trump was ‘played’ by such a close friend. Two things here don’t pass the smell test.

The only foreign leader who is painted as dishonest is the Jewish one. As if all the others must be objective and honest. But this is extra shocking from a close ally. The whole odor is: you can’t even trust a Jewish friend.

Never mind that Trump counts among his friends such truly horrible folks as Kim (‘We love each other, OK?’) and ex-KGB-agent Putin. After their meetings, Trump didn’t need to be informed of how he was lied to?

But there is more. This aid worked for Trump, for Mr. Lie-in-the-Flesh. Trump only doesn’t lie accidentally (from his lack of knowledge) or to contradict a lie to have the duo confuse you. But, to work for a con artist was not painful, you understand. No, what was really hard was that one of the close associates of the Liar-in-Chief would play him a bit?

To add insult to injury, he also called Netanyahu ‘extraordinary skilled.’ Jews aren’t just untrustworthy — they’re sly, crafty, cunning, insidious, wily, clever.

NB: I’m not playing the ‘Is he an anti-Semite?’ card. Not because we ‘can’t know what’s in someone’s heart.’ Rather, the person of this assistant is not the issue at all. What I only care about is to point out that this is an anti-Semitic canard. It should be recognized as such. It should be condemned as such. It should be rejected as such.

I would be surprised if the interviewee were even aware that that was bigoted. Like some people can call a woman ugly without realizing that that is sexist because they’d never judge men on their looks.

An ex-Trump aid complains that the leader of the Jewish State has been misleading. I am inclined to not even believe it. Who says that Bibi’s vision was really lacking in objectivity? (And who is objective?) Was the complainer so objectively informed? It’s only under Trump that anti-Semitism has begun to be reigned in at the State Department.

But in any case, it is irrelevant if Bibi was a couple of times manipulative to Trump. You don’t single out Jewish politicians for accusations of dishonesty. Thank you.

This is the second complaint about Israel in a week from people close to the White House. I’m not saying that there must be a connection. And twice isn’t a trend yet. But, combined with a sharp rise in anti-Semitic violence in the US, this kind of innuendo is surely most undesirable.

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