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The Palestine Solidarity Campaign of Jew hatred

David Collier proves that these folks promote rabid Jew-hatred, with claims that Israei is behind ISIS and Jews run the media

Scratch the surface of any chapter of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign and you’re likely to come across an anti-Semite. This kind of statement is hardly new on the blog pages of the Times of Israel but never has it been given such a basis in fact as it has today by David Collier.

The London-based blogger has painstakingly trawled through the shadowy corners of Facebook to gather a powerful data set exposing a broad swathe of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign’s street activists as anti-Semites and/or barking mad conspiracy theorists. His report, “Antisemitism in the Palestine Solidarity Campaign,” serves to highlight in excruciating detail just how extensive the anti-Semitism in the Palestine Solidarity movement is, one social media post at a time.

The research is 75 pages long and features post after post of -anti-Semitic conspiracy theorizing straight from the accounts of some of the PSC’s most ardent activists. These posts show many PSC activists live in a delusional world where Zionists are responsible for just about everything.

In one example, a PSC activist posts a fake news story alleging that the head of ISIS was actually trained in Israel. One of their Facebook friends attacked the story as a slur on…(ISIS) “Mujahideen”!

Collier research

These are the people who man the stalls, organise local marches, give out leaflets and ensure the PSC lives and breathes from day to day.

Jeremy Corbyn the head of the UK’s opposition Labour Party makes appearances from time to time in Collier’s research. Here he is posing with a PSC activist called Tony Gratrex:

corbyn gratrex

Gratrex shares a plethora of conspiracy laden links on his Facebook about how various terror attacks are really false flag operations by Mossad or the CIA or both, here he commented on an anti-Semitic blog that:

Only a cursory glance using the internet will show that a majority of the media is Jewish owned or controlled. During the interview you use the expression “who pays the piper calls the tune” and that is precisely the problem when one considers who controls the international banking system.

Then there’s Corbyn’s director of digital engagement, Ben Soffa, who doubles as Secretary for the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, sitting (second from left) at a table with a guy called Tapash Abu Shaim (sitting third from right).


Abu Shaim spends his time arguing that Israel is behind ISIS:


Abu Shaim attended Labour Party conference and can be seen posing with ex-shadow justice minister (second from right) Andy Slaughter and ostensible ambassador to the UK Manuel Hassassian (third from right) in a photo op:

shaim 2

These are just two examples of the poison circulating through the minds and the ranks of the PSC’s most ardent volunteers. Collier has provided evidence that there are dozens, even hundreds of these people who have been attracted to the PSC in order to do battle with a Jewish state that in their minds is the root of all evil.

The PSC provided a submission to the now infamous Chakrabarti investigation into allegations of anti-Semitism (and other forms of racism) saying:

The BDS movement is currently under attack by the Israeli and UK Governments and others, wrongly accused of fuelling antisemitism

I am not aware of the Israeli or British governments accusing the PSC of doing anything, but an organisation that claims governments, including its own, are smearing it with false allegations of anti-Semitism is hardly well placed to take action against the virulently anti-Semitic conspiracy theorists who are among their most ardent supporters.

Working alone and often in the midst of great hostility Collier has put together research that strikes at the heart of the myth the PSC wishes others to believe. It is neither mainstream nor interested in justice for Palestinians. It is a group of kooks and misfits motivated by an anti-Semitic worldview that pushes them to greater and greater feats of an activism that helps neither Palestinians nor anyone else and attacks an Israel that exists only in the minds of people who live and breathe false flag conspiracies and other nonsense.

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