The perfect position for a coffee cup (and you)

A rabbi once called his student.

“Please go to the kitchen and bring me a cup”.

A minute later, the student was back with the cup in his hand.

“Now, take the cup and put it in the perfect position,” the rabbi said.

The student placed the cup at the table.

“No,” said the rabbi. “This cup is standing upright. This is not a perfect position for a cup.”

“But why?” wondered the puzzled student.

“Because the purpose of the cup is to give us to drink. When the cup is in its upright position, it’s self-centered, keeping all the liquid for itself.

“The perfect position for a cup is when it’s upside down, providing and giving its content to the person drinking from it.”

We can find this idea in this week’s Torah portion. While describing the beautiful golden Menorah, G-d mentioned the different decorative elements of the Menorah, including “goblets”.

But surprisingly, according to Maimonides, the goblets were actually facing down!

Why? Because the message of the Menorah is to share the light with others. And so, the goblets needed to be in the giving-position.

May we learn from the Menorah’s goblets to always be thinking of others: to give, inspire and share the blessings that G-d had given us.

And may we always be on the giving end!

Shabbat Shalom!

Rabbi Mendy Kaminker

About the Author
Rabbi Mendy Kaminker is the Chabad Rabbi of Hackensack, and an editorial member of