The Picasso Mystery Poster Picture

I have in my possession a picture of mysterious provenance which I sometimes think might be the work of Picasso himself.

The reason for such a preposterous supposition is that the black-line drawing was executed against the background of a 1951 Cannes Film Festival poster and I thought that the black superimposed drawing might refer to one of the films shown at that particular film festival.

So I tried to check in the Cannes Film Festival archives to see if it had a copy of this particular poster but could find none to match it. And so it occurred to me that perhaps Picasso had created his own Cannes Festival poster on which to paint this mysterious image.

And just now the 2019 Cannes Film Festival is in full swing so perhaps one of its organizing committee will read this story and solve the mystery of the drawing and the poster. Or perhaps one of the readers of this blog will see my picture and tell me its origin and put me out of my misery.

About the Author
London-born David Herman came on aliyah in 1966 after graduating from Cambridge University. In the 1960s, he founded the Good Times Publishing Company specializing in publishing newspapers in simplified English, French and Arabic for the Israeli school system. David currenty works as a translator, and is also very active in the field of songwriting and performing under the musical name, David Ben Reuven.