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The Pogrom of Beverly Hills

The media likes to cherry pick facts to fit the story they want to tell. They reinterpret reality to paint people in the appearance of their choosing. There was a recent interview where the subtitles on the screen were quoting the person before he said the quotes!

They are quick to report on the ‘progress’ of the protests and their ‘struggle,’ but slow to report on how these protests prolong the spread of Coronavirus and keep half of the economy handcuffed, causing disproportionate suffering to the working and poorer classes – the very people they claim to be helping.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. There is also the huge part of the glacier you don’t see.

The Jewish community of La Brea/Beverly in Los Angeles, CA was looted as part of the BLM riots a few months ago. Just like Kristallnacht, Jewish businesses were specifically targeted and looted while non-Jewish businesses went not touched. Synagogues came under fire, with swastikas graffitied on them and abominations like “Free Palestine” painted on their sacred walls. In a backdrop of blaze, the media had the audacity to call it a peaceful protest. But it was a riot. It was far worse. . .

It was a pogrom on the Jews of California.

The media didn’t report on the disproportional damage to the Jewish businesses or the blatant anti-Semitic graffiti. In turning a blind eye, they gave silent permission to the looters to continue terrorizing Jews with no consequences whatsoever.

This is much like the New York Times during World War II, the media refused to report the atrocities against Jews until only after it was over.

The Only Safe Space

People are running for their lives.

Homicide rates are skyrocketing. Burglary rates are soaring. Knowing the police won’t come, violent criminals are breaking into homes armed, even during the day while people are at home!

Big cities are being emptied out of those who can afford to leave. They are fleeing to suburbs and even rural areas in other states led by mayors and governors who empower their police to protect and to serve.

But how long can this keep up?

What happens if there is a president who comes to power who sees the police as racist? The current administration promises to withhold federal money to those cities and states that refuse to end their current state of anarchy. A future government could withhold funds to any state, county, or city that refuses to “defund” their police force.

The suburbs will fall into chaos just like the cities. BLM and antifa “activists” will be bursting into your local Starbucks. Crime rates will continue to soar and spread even to “better” neighborhoods as the underworld becomes even more bolder.

There will be no safe place for anyone.

Seizing the Opportunity of a Lifetime 

In investing, the greatest opportunity is one that nobody talks about.

Nobody said a word about Apple stock 20 years ago, selling at $3 a share. They were too busy talking about Yahoo. Nobody had anything to say about China 40 years ago. They were too busy talking about Japan.

Israel is the Japan of 1988, the China of 1999, and dare I say, the Google of 2004.

There are myriad of reasons why Israel will not only recover from the current COVID-19 recession, but expand by orders of magnitude while Europe and North America drudge along hampered by the overwhelming and unprecedented burden of tens of trillions in debt.

Here are a few:

In Israel, we are just beginning to extract major natural gas finds off our entire west coast. Italy, Greece, and Egypt have formed a consortium to move the gas underwater to ports in Greece and throughout Europe. This means government coffers will fill to the brim with royalties.

There is already talk about an oil pipeline stretching from the UAE, through Saudi Arabia, into Eilat and up to the Ashkelon port to markets in Europe, bringing hundreds of millions to the country.

Even after the COVID-19 mess, our debt to GDP is around 85%, which is still healthy.

New peace treaties with UAE and Bahrain can bring in billions in investments for hi-tech, creating lots of new jobs. Possible de-facto, or even de-jure normalization with Saudi Arabia will reshape this region, making Israel a part of an economy poised to be the size of Europe.

Due to the COVID-19 recession, nations are desperate for trade. Free trade agreements that were gathering dust for years are now being fast tracked to completion. Israel is set to sign free trade pacts with South Korea, Japan, and China in the coming months.

Saudi Arabia has now allowed Israeli flights to fly over it’s airspace, making business trips from Israel to Asia shorter. The fact that the best airline on the planet, Emirates Air, now has contracted to land over 112 planes in Tel Aviv per week makes these new trade routes all the more attractive.

There is no looting or breakdown in social order in Israel. Property rights are respected and demonstrations are limited to anti-government protests. People are safe.

Pandemics like the ones in 1889, 1918 and 1957 lasted 18-24 months. The Corona plague of 2020, also a flu related pandemic like these, will likely pass with a new vaccine or herd immunity sometime in the next 6-9 months. All of these changes happening will take full effect by the next time we dip our apple in honey to usher in a sweet year.

Right now, Israel is like a bottle of champagne been shaken non-stop. At any moment, the all clear can be given for flights and businesses to reopen, bursting open the cork and releasing energy for an era of growth not seen since King Solomon.

This is the real story the press isn’t talking about. It is something only people who can see a few steps ahead will capitalize on and take advantage of.

If you are Jewish – now is the time to be one of those visionaries.

Not out of fear – but out of hope, excitement, and expectation.

It can be done. I got into the Israeli hi-tech scene just six years ago knowing very little. Today, I am coding JavaScript and writing content for a local software company as a digital marketer. There are a lot of people who started at a similar point and rose as higher than they ever dreamed as Israeli immigrants.

Just ask Hillel Fuld.

In the Torah portion of Ki Tavo, Hashem promises that if we follow His commandments, He will make us the greatest nation on earth. As we inch closer to Redemption, to Moshiach, to the day when all of the Children of Israel return to Hashem, He may be inching us closer to this moment where we will lend to many nations, yet borrow from none.

The strong nations of the world are rapidly imploding – literally eroding from the inside. At the same time, Israel continues to rise, emerging from the dust and expanding every day.

We haven’t even started about the usual discussion about Zionism, or the mitzvah of living in the Land of Israel.

Times have changed so dramatically that what was once a Divine obligation that seemed impossible is now a perk of finding a place where you can continue to pursue your professional and financial dreams.

It’s just like Shabbat.

We rest. We eat good food. We connect with our fellow Jews. We learn Torah. We spend time with the people we love most in this world. We take a day off from all the devices and screens that raise our blood pressure.

In return for enjoying all of these gifts, we also receive merit from G-d of a mitzvah that carries the weight of all the mitzvot combined.

The mitzvah to settle the Land of Israel extends to building a business, working here, supporting your family, and anything else that can increase the Land’s ability to house and maintain more Jews.

That means you can come here and make all your professional dreams come true and still be a candidate for performing another mitzvah that carries the weight of all the other mitzvot combined.

Is living in Israel a mitzvah? Do we bring happiness to G-d by living here? As Rabbi Shalom Arush recently answered someone asking this question: “Should you put on tefillin in the morning? Should you keep Shabbat? So you should also move to Israel!”

If you are thinking about relocating, be sure to contact your local Nefesh B’ Nefesh office and see what’s possible. Or call them at 1-866-425-4924.

See you here soon! Safe and sound amidst peace and prosperity.

The above is co-authored by David ben Horin and Rachel Avrahami

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