Carlos Cardoso Aveline

The Policy of the Heart

The (many) existing tensions are part of an alchemical change [Image by Gino Crescoli, Pixabay]
The (many) existing tensions are part of an alchemical change [Image by Gino Crescoli, Pixabay]

The world is now undergoing a delicate transition.

Cruelty can be easily found, from the tribal violence in Africa or proliferation of nuclear and chemical weapons, down to the cold blood hypocrisy of international bankers associated to organized crime.

In many departments of life, institutions and power structures are in crisis. The Western world suffers from a lack of spiritual and moral leadership. In most nations, as in political parties and religious groups, inspiring leaders are difficult to find.

Old conventional wars are no more: we live in the time of hybrid and liquid wars. Life becomes ethereal: every action is multidimensional. The many existing tensions and conflicts are part of an alchemical change in the reality of humanity as a whole.

Every individual is part of the process. The world transition is not external: it takes place across one’s soul. Renewal comes from within and each day is the opening of a new era.

Contrary to what naïve people may want to think, the dawning is not due to the presence of some personalized Messiah, new leader or “avatar”. Messianic fancies, individual or collective, are neurotic attempts to escape from one’s own self-responsibility and duty to mankind.

Ethics emerges from the very crisis of organizations based on make-belief. The new era of transparency imposes truthfulness. As Life asserts itself, whited sepulchres get out of tune with History. In banks and in politics, just as in social, religious and philosophical movements, the spirit of the time now demands the language of sincere cooperation – in deeds, not words. The policy of the heart is the key to enlighten the future.

The duty of spiritual associations is to help pave the way to the rebirth of universal love for truth. The theosophical movement has been defined as the invisible community of people of goodwill around the world who are not attached to religious (or philosophical) dead letter. And truly spiritual are those who make efforts to live the philosophy of self-respect and respect for all beings.

In Europe, in the Andean cordillera, in Africa, Asia, Russia or Brazil, the ethical effort is liquid in the sense that it transcends every outward form and institution. Yet it respects them all. It shows that the superstitious habit of worshipping money and technology is not good for mankind.

Uniformity is no unity.

In fact, inner union requires outward diversity. Let us see an example. Creating a worldwide Police of Thought along the lines denounced by George Orwell in his novel “1984” is not a good idea. Such a political attempt would only follow Adolf Hitler’s example and quickly implode in disastrous ways.

On the other hand, the ethical impulse of eternal wisdom is intercultural. It is rooted in a patient feeling of universal good will. It appreciates the independence of every civilization. It preserves the autonomy of each ethnicity and cultural group, as well as that of individuals. It encourages no nation to have the fanciful idea that it is the “Political Police of the planet”, or that it can promote “regime change” anywhere around the globe.

It is also useless for materialistic minds (and their supercomputers) to try to control and manipulate human future.

If the outward form of the planetary awakening could be announced beforehand, it could be prevented, too; but it cannot. A new multipolar, intercultural and interreligious world – based on mutual respect – is inevitably being born. The moral evil that gets visible, is but the moral evil that is being uprooted by the natural process of life.

Everywhere the growing attention given to examples of moral failure and dishonesty results from the fact that these anti-ethic forms of ignorance are being rigorously uprooted by the good law of Karma, or Cause and Effect.

That which you sow, you harvest, but the process takes time. The constant rebirth of ethics unfolds at each minute, in all places, across the centuries. It flows mostly in silence and undetected. After due preparation, it emerges in large scale through unpredictable, creative, self-renewing ways.

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About the Author
Born in Brazil in 1952, Carlos Cardoso Aveline is a journalist by profession and author of the book “The Fire and Light of Theosophical Literature”. He has other works published on esoteric philosophy and ecology. The editor of “The Aquarian Theosophist”, Cardoso Aveline thinks Judaism, Jewish philosophy and Israel have important roles to play in the ethical rebirth the world needs in the present century. He lives in Portugal and directs the Library and Research Center of the Independent Lodge of Theosophists, whose associated websites include and www.HelenaBlavatsky.Org .