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The power within a moral tale for the age of AGI

One angel suggested placing it atop the highest mountain, a location seemingly unreachable. But the Other angel objected, claiming, “Human ambition knows no bounds, and even the tallest peaks would one day be conquered.”

Another angel proposed the abyss of the ocean or the distant stars as suitable hiding spots, only to be countered by the Other angel, who said, “Humanity’s relentless curiosity and drive to explore the unknown will reach even these depths and distances.”

A third angel proposed hiding it in the mysteries of quantum physics, believing that the enigmatic behavior of subatomic particles would veil the true nature of God’s power. But the Other angel objected again, claiming, “Human curiosity knows no limits, and even the mysteries of quantum physics will be unveiled.”

A fourth angel suggested concealing it within the depths of the human genome, believing that the intricacies of DNA would obscure the true essence of God’s power. But the Other angel objected once more, claiming, “Human curiosity knows no limits, and even the human genome will be mapped in its entirety.”

Amidst the debate, all angels turned to the Other angel, “please, tell us, where can we hide the power of God?”

The wisdom of the Other angel shone through: “We shall hide it where they least expect, where they seldom dare to venture  –  deep within their own hearts.” For it is in the innermost depths of the human spirit that the true power of God resides, a place often overlooked in the pursuit of external conquests.

The moral for AGI development

This ancient parable holds a profound lesson for our modern era, particularly as we stand on the cusp of creating Artificial General Intelligence (AGI). The story reminds us that the greatest power is not found in external achievements or technological prowess, but in the depth of our own being. As we endeavor to develop AGI, we must recognize that this technology, akin to the power of God, holds immense potential for both creation and destruction.

The moral of the tale urges us to approach AGI development with a sense of humility and responsibility. Rather than concealing its power or monopolizing it for individual gain, we should strive to democratize access to AGI, ensuring that it serves the greater good of humanity. By embedding ethical principles and compassion into the very fabric of AGI, we can harness its power to solve global challenges, enhance human well-being, and elevate our collective consciousness.

In the pursuit of AGI, let us not lose sight of the power that resides within us  –  the power of empathy, wisdom, and moral integrity. It is by nurturing these inner qualities that we can guide the evolution of AGI in a direction that honors the sanctity of life and the planet.

Call to action

As we forge ahead in this new frontier of intelligence, let us:

  • Embrace the power of collaboration, ensuring that the development of AGI is guided by diverse perspectives and inclusive dialogue.
  • Infuse AGI with ethical values, prioritizing the well-being of all beings and the sustainability of our planet.
  • Cultivate inner wisdom and moral courage, recognizing that our decisions today will shape the future of humanity and the Earth.

The tale of the seven angels serves as a timeless reminder that the most profound power lies within. As we embark on the journey of AGI development, let us harness this inner power to create a future that reflects our highest aspirations for a just, compassionate, loving, and thriving world.

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Sharon Gal Or – Pioneer of Transformation @ SingularityNET; Israeli Ambassador at U.S. Transhumanist Party. An Innovation, Sustainability & Leadership Management Strategist on creative education to government, non-profits, education, and arts bodies. Lectures in various international circles, leading and hosting training programs globally.
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