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The Product of the Year 2019 – A Celebration of Innovation

Israel is a nation of innovation. Israelis like to invent and are fast in adopting new technologies and products. In light of this, it is not surprising that hundreds of novel products are introduced to the Israeli market each year and an outstanding number of them have been given the Product of the Year Award!

The Product of the Year Award

The product of the year award (POY) consumer choice operates in 36 countries worldwide and in the last 14 years also in Israel. It includes services and products in many categories: food and drinks, baby care and health, household, beauty and cosmetics, electrical gadgets, and services.  Out of the products and services that register and pass the novelty criteria set by a board of experts, the winners are selected by 3,500 local consumers. Three parameters affect the choice of winners: innovation (25%), attractiveness (25%) and usage experience (50%).  The winners are announced in a yearly ceremony, which was held earlier this week in Tel Aviv.  The award is displayed on the products for a full year in the shape of a red stamp, which is recognized by now by the Israeli public.


The list of products that won the award can be found on the poy website. Among the companies and brands that won are Rami Levy, Tnuva, Shufersal, Telma, Osem, CTS,  L’oreal Paris, Maybelline, Materna, Yellow, Duck, and many more.  I am including here a number of products that I find innovative and interesting; it is only a partial list of the winners.

Rami Levy, photo: Bella Diamant

The biggest category is food and drinks, which includes dairy products as well. I was especially intrigued by Marina’s vegetables spaghetti made of zucchini, carrot, beet, sweet potato and pumpkin. It is gluten free and a low calorie pasta substitute that can be steamed, fried or cooked.  Also, the Fruit Mix Infusion with Fruit Snack from Wissotzky.  It’s a luxury tea that includes a double bag: fruit and herbal infusion and a sliced dried fruit mix. The idea is to mix, drink, and eat! It’s easy preparation that is ideal for trips. Also, “On the Go” Tuna Snack by Olive Tree. It’s tuna in a convenient package without liquid that enables clean eating. Just open the bag and eat, no draining needed!

Innovative products, photo: T. Sharon

In the beauty and lifestyle category I will mention Quick Cover Touch/Life by Michel Mercier that dies white hair roots in 10 seconds and is equipped with a built-in scalp shield, where its shape allows accurate spraying. One of the most advanced sunscreen protection cream is made by Dr Fischer’s sunscreen series Ultrasol spectrum. It blocks the widest spectrum of rays including UVA+UVB+IR+HEV and gives the strongest protection against the risky sun rays as well as from blue light radiation of electric devices and phones.  A Brush cleanser Machine by Life thoroughly cleans makeup brushes in 30-seconds and is suitable for all hair types and different types of brush sizes.

There are also interesting gadgets that won the award; one of them is a portable no-battery powerful Espresso machine. It is a powerful mobile coffee machine that operates entirely manually and is adapted for use with capsules or ground coffee.

This is only a small peek into these unique products; the Israeli consumers can be sure to see even more new inventions and innovations here in the startup nation.

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