The Protocols of the Elders of SOAS Palestine Society

On Thursday night I was at SOAS Palestine Society to hear a talk every bit as anti-Semitic as the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

It was given by Thomas Suarez, an American musician.

Suarez has recently had a book published (which was on sale). The book is published by Karl Sabbagh’s new publishing company. Sabbagh thinks Israel is responsible for global anti-Semitism. He spoke at the meeting last week in Parliament hosted by Tonge (as a result of which she quit the Lib Dems (before she could be expelled).

Suarez’s book is endorsed by blurb from two people – Tonge and Pappe.

You get the picture.

The theme of the talk was that Zionists achieved their objective after the Balfour Declaration by coercion, murder and terror.  UN Resolution 181 was only passed because the countries that voted for it were cowed by Zionist terror. Pretty much every antisemitic trope was there, plus several new ones.

Here are some examples.

  • Lord Montagu (the sole Jew in Lloyd George’s government), supported by other Jewish leaders, viewed the Zionists as antisemites because they collaborated with antisemitic leaders in Europe who wanted to expel Jews;
  • The Zionists persuaded the US to enter World War One.
  • Jewish terrorists bombed the Patria (truth is, the ship was ordered by the British to take back Jews fleeing Europe and the Haganah wanted to damage the ship so that it could not sail);
  • Weizmann demanded special privileges for Jews in Palestine and spoke of inferior human beings;
  • Between the Balfour Declaration and the Declaration of Independence, Zionists achieved their aims by radicalising their children and teaching them to betray their parents if they were not Zionist enough – and Zionists assassinated non-Zionist Jews;
  • On 8 July 1938 a 12 year old girl in the Irgun blew up a bus [no evidence];
  • Norman Bentwich said that the way that Zionists in Palestine behaved was comparable to Nazism;
  • According to Suarez the history surrounding the Exodus ship – that it was turned back from Palestine by the British – is not true. It was the Jewish Agency that turned it back because it wanted to encourage anti-Semitism;
  • Zionist leaders sabotaged proposals for safe havens for Jews in the US and Europe in the 1930s (the truth of course was that the Allies at the infamous Evian Conference  in 1938 agreed to take hardly any of the Jewish refugees).

It gets worse.

He said that a “Rabbi Herzog” kidnapped Jewish children in Europe and took them to Palestine. The Zionists controlled the Displaced Persons’ camps after the War and brainwashed Jews in them. The DPs first wanted to go to the US and UK but were so brainwashed by the Jewish Agency that they threatened to commit suicide if they were not sent to Israel. Ben Gurion was worried by the fall in antisemitism in Europe and tried to increase it. The Jewish Agency opposed the Marshall Plan because it would have made the lives of Jews in Europe more comfortable.

And of course his choice of words was poisonous. “Apartheid”, “Zionist terrorists”, “Zionism a racist fascist movement” and so on.

Suarez spoke about Israel now. He said that Judaism is not the national faith of Israel; that Zionists hide their crimes behind their “most powerful weapon”, the phrase “the Jewish State”;  that in order to attract Jews from abroad, Israel convinces them they are under constant threat from antisemitism.  Toxic.  Of course he wants “one secular state.”

Finally to the UK.  Suarez wants the UK government to apologise for the Balfour Declaration. And thinks that Zionists want to make any criticism of Israel a crime.

Suarez claims to have spent seven years in the British Archives at Kew and that the book contains rigorous source detail. How he can claim this when his talk was a pack of racist lies, I do not know. The publisher’s blurb says: “This book has been turned down by a number of publishers because of the sensitivity of its subject matter”.  Delete “because of the sensitivity of its subject matter”, insert “because it’s racist drivel”.

Fortunately the Q+A quickly turned into pandemonium as the lies were called out.  Suarez began to looked like he wanted to crawl under the table.  I will leave it to others to describe and post the videos of the riot.

Mendacious racism belongs in Stormfront. 

That it is given a platform at a UK university – to poison young minds against Jews – is unconscionable.

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