The Real Purpose Of Gay Parades

With everything that’s happening and the ignorance of certain people who use the famous line in the Torah as an excuse to hate LGBT people because of irrelevant texts that seem to prove their right of bigotry, it’s time to note some basic facts.

I just read a local article about a group of LGBT kids my age (who haven’t committed any type of sexual acts against the halacha, in case you’re stupid enough to ask ask), and they have to deal with people insulting them, throwing stuff at them and physically hurting them.

In a moderate proto-utopian place like Modiin Maccabim Reut where crime reaches zero percent for whole weeks sometimes, where our urban planning has been used as an example by international professionals, where there has never been a real terrorist attack by people from Bet Sira who come to work here, where the place has mainly national religious and secular people from many sects who have almost no tensions with each other and probably don’t even practically differentiate ourselves, I’d say that this type of behaviour towards LGBT people is very bad by our standards. Unfortunately, people justify it by the famous line in the Torah that prohibits same gender sex.

The Torah does not mention any prohibitions regarding of the “action” of being gay itself or living with someone of the same gender. (And it would never have any discriminatory laws against certain people, especially if it’s something you can’t help. The kids in the article get help from people who have visitors who don’t know what’s happening to themselves, so you can’t say that it’s a choice, which is one of the lame excuses you use. Don’t forget that there are more important halachot regarding violence and insults and shaming, which many of you self declared Tanach experts seem to totally forget).

These kids (remember that they’re only kids) are planning a gay parade in Modiin. In Modiin, politics and pointless current event discussion has never been something that people really talk about and I don’t believe that these kids are in danger of being stabbed by some idiots. I also don’t believe that people will be half undressed in the parade, so there’s nothing to argue with. People are generally more discreet in Modiin (which makes people think that we’re an exurb) so I don’t believe that there would be much (unnecessary) criticism of the event either. I don’t think that people would even notice the parade except of the closure of Emek Hachula street.

The point is and I wasn’t aware of this before I read the article, but there is a problem with LGBT rights. Attacking people based on their sexual orientation is not considered a hate crime, and if a law like this will pass, some bigoted people in the Knesset will ragequit their useless jobs that we depend on for our democracy.

And in general, you don’t want people committing these crimes, and this is basically a solidarity parade. Gay pride would only be considered disrespectful and obsolete if there was a cure to sexual orientation, and as far as I know, there isn’t one and that the ones that exist are stupid. This is basically the article on “How to insult “progressives””. Thank you.

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Yishai was born in Jerusalem and lived in Sydney until he returned to Israel in 2006 and now lives in Modiin. Most of the articles written here are about Judaism from a practical view and about general things from politic to life as an Autistic boy.
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